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Mistakes Men Make While They Are Young But Regret At Old Age

by Anita Ogona
There is this mistake most men make in their lifetime which they regret at old age.
Most men spend everything they make in their lifetime on their family without saving for their old age.
This is wrong and many men are left at the mercy of their children at old age.
There’s nothing wrong with training your children, spending on them and catering for your family, but a man must set something aside for his old age.
Why? Most children tend to care more for their mother at old age than their father. It’s always the mother and a father who have nothing to fall back on will always be at their mercy.
The fact that you trained and provided for your children at a young age does not mean they must cater or provide for you at old age. It might not happen. Don’t make the mistake believing your children is your fallback plan at old age.
Your children do not owe you anything, they’re not your asset or investment. if they provide and give you at old age, then take with gladness, if they don’t, fallback on your savings.
As a man, you must not be a liability to your children and family at old age. Plan for your future and retirement now. Your children are not and can never be your retirement plan.
Men be wise and save for your future now.

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