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Love Conner: Helping A Cruel EX, Right Or Wrong?

by Anita Ogona
They dated for two years but she married another, since his breakthrough in business did not come early.
When he eventually made it, she was settled with her family.
But the ugly dimension, was her comfort in her marriage led to her disconnect with her ex boy friend, who was there for her. She blocked every avenue to be reached.
His only crime was not making money early in life.
He eventually married another good heart, 13years later, Evelyn’s husband died, left her and 4children.
She was devastated. Looking for help anywhere she could find one.
She eventually reached out to her ex boyfriend. Who is now a multi millionaire and happily married.
All her children are in school but her late hubby’s investment could not sustain her and the children.
The ex boyfriend was kind enough to pick the children’s bills but insist he doesn’t want her close to him.
Today she is down with kidney disease. She requires a transplant. After some medical procedures. He Ex boyfriend seems to match her’s.
But Mr Ifeanyi is a reluctant donor. He may not likely consider his sick ex girlfriend, Evelyn.
Na waooo, why must some the likes of Evelyn for no reason cut off a good ex, who did no wrong. All because you felt you got what you wanted in another. You shut your windows on friends when you don’t think you need them.
What should our friend Ifeanyi do in this case. What would you do, if you are in his position?
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