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Ebonyi State University Lecturers Laments Management Insensitivity By Asking Professors, PhD Holders 2 People To Share A 5KG Bag Of Rice As Christmas Palliatives

Join EBSU staff to thank the State Govt or the University Management for this overdose of insult. I was called to go to the dept to collect Christmas rice gifted us by the govt, I fueled my car and drove about 18 kilometers to the campus but what I saw was what you can see on the pictures below: 5kg sachet of Abakaliki/Ebonyi rice, and that’s for all cadres of staff – whatever title or rank you carry about, you’re no exempt of this insult. A huge insult, isn’t it? But wait for the ‘next level’ of it: each of the 5kg sachets is to be shared by two (2, as in t-w-o) staff members (including the professors, Senior lecturers, PhD holders, etc). Let me explain this a bit further, a full bag of rice is 50kg, containing 200 cups. What this means is that 20 university lecturers should share a bag of rice @10 cups each, assuming the measure hadn’t been tampered with.
I doubted and I’m still doubting that the Governor, our own governor Engr Dave Umahi, would direct that two adult human beings, even beggars on the street or “former human beings” (apology to Oguzor Offia-Nwali JP), should be given a sachet of these grains of insult to share. He would rather order that nothing is given the group of persons, if he hates them so passionately, than this humiliation. Note that each state civil servant is going home with a full bag of rice and some two. How could the Governor ask that two university staff share of 1/10 of a bag. Whoever is responsible for this misrepresentation of what ought to be govt’s goodwill, should kindly go and take mine, join to his and feed his/her/their famili(es).
I’m a PhD holder of international standing and a proud Abankaleke man, you don’t insult us with food (I’m not known for bragging, but I need to drive this into the skull of anybody who thinks I need this to survive, having not been paid for many months). I read up to my PhD, with outstanding results at the end of each level, without help of any kind, not even a bursary allowance from the local govt; the only person to whom i remain grateful is HE Sen Sam Egwu, whose education policy made it possible for a have-not like me then to see the walls of a university. The govt did nothing for me when even a beggarly assistance would have meant a world, so what it doesn’t do for me today can’t make me or my family go without food.
Let no one tell me it’s a gift; a gift of insult is worse than none. I would rather that the management gather the entire rice and gift them to orphanages on behalf of the staff. It will attract us prayers and good wishes which would be more fulfilling than a meal. This eat-before-you-die so-called Xmas gift is not for anybody in whose personality still remains any iota of dignity.


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