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15 Persons Feared Dead In Ajelogo Ketu Mile12 Area Of Lagos As Hoodlums, Cultist Battle For Supremacy

by Anita Ogona

There was pandemonium in Ketu area of Lagos on Saturday Evening Boxing day as rival cult groups were locked in brutal clash, with dangerous weapons freely used to loot stores, rob residents while about 15 persons are feared dead, during a clash between two rival cultists group within Mile 12, Lagos.

Traders hurriedly closed their shops and ran as shootings were heard in the area while others left and abandoned their goods wears to safety as the hoodlums battled one another for Supremacy

Motorists also abandoned their vehicles and scampered for safety as guns threateningly rented the atmosphere with little or no help from the Law Enforcement Agents

The crisis between two cultists group which began since November 2020 is far from being over as the fight and gun wielding miscreants seems to have spread to Mile 12 area which residents said began again on Thursday 24th December where five persons where feared dead.

A reprisal attack which took place this evening26th December 2020 Boxing day saw close to 15 persons macheted or either feared dead as no one would dare approach the area as at the time of this report.

Concerned residents have been sending Twitter messages to people living around Ketu and Mile 12 areas to stay off as the clash was said to be massive.

Segun Awosanya, a Nigerian realtor and human rights activist, popularly known as Segalink said on Twitter sometimes ago ”that “hoodlums are declaring a state within the state in Lagos between Ketu (Tipper Garage) & Ajelogo Owode inward Ikorodu.

“The road construction is causing daily traffic coupled with clashes of cult groups leading to incessant robberies in the morning and evening.”

The Chairman of Mile 12 Market Alhaji Shehu Usman who spoke in a telephone conversation said the situation had nothing to do with the traders, “it was a suspected cultists clash” but  refused to give name of the cult groups.

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