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Creditors Storms Worship Centers To Demand Debts, As More Persons Breach Agreements/Terms Of Condition On Monthly Contributions


To Avoid Embarrassment Of Creditors Storming Your Worship Centers to demand for debts while hiding under the cloak of Church Activities, group calls on resident not to get into agreement they cant keep.

The Board secretary of center for Basic Rights and accountability Campaign PRINCE WIRO advised that We Should Try To Keep To Terms Of Agreement to avoid unnecessary embarrassment in the house of God

He said We have witnessed so many people who hide in church after collecting contributions and would disappear, their phone numbers would change, they begin to leave their house early and come back late at Night avoiding confrontation which forces the creditors to resort reporting church members to pastors and sometimes openly demands for such debt openly without recourse to public embarrassment.

Mr WIRO said a case at hand is the receipt of complaint in which a man named GODWIN took contributions from former colleagues, and left the organization without informing anyone. It was learnt he just got wedded. Mr Godwin is owing 70,000 naira (belonging to 3 persons, while he has collected his own since March) .He did not tell his former colleagues he was leaving and they do not know his whereabout till after six months when they got information where he worships. The report say His pastor, A woman  gave assurance of payment on 23rd Dec. She stood in for the guy (Godwin)who is her church member. The guy had been promising now and then until the people concerned followed him up to his church to create a scene, which made him to promise before the pastor and elders of the church to pay on 23rd Dec.
So I called the Pastor, she said she only waded into the matter since the people came to make problems in the church not that she stood as a surety for him.
We spoke the said Godwin he confirmed the story is true but that he has pleaded with the people to give him up-to to January 2021.
Isn’t He just funny? Mr WIRO Asked? He was the third person to collect, after he took his own he left without bothering  to pay the 70,000 naira for others to take theirs.


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