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Lagos DJ Stops Music, Packs Up Gadgets Because He Was Not Given Food At A Wedding Reception, Haven Solicited For Food Severally: Mean DJ Or Hungry Man?


This issue of  not eating food in wedding parties is a serious matter,  yesterday at the ever busy community wedding inside Lagos mainland, Guest were  thrilled by the sumptuous meal going round and dancing to the variety of Nigerian music, Highlife, Afro beat, Juju music at the wedding, when suddenly The DJ stopped music and packed his instruments because he  claimed he was not given food, and people started begging him

The situation became  serious, because the DJ was almost getting away with ruining the event after he insisted that the couple must pay complete fee, so he can leave an already paid event to grace their wedding with scintillating music. there was  chaos, until everybody started begging  him while others where quarrelling with him,  asking him if he came for the food or to do business?

He said he came for both because he had told the couple before now that he hasn’t eating and wanted to rest that day before going for an evening show but the couple begged him to perform at the occasion and would be properly taken care of, before he came to thrill the guest at the wedding ceremony.

Guess what? the Stupid DJ was even telling the Groom he will refund The money paid to him and insisted he must go home to eat because he cant continue to play or work on empty stomach.

 The  QUESTION IS- Is this DJ mean or just another hungry man in DJ CLOAK or Garb?

for us at Eastwestreporters, We will give him food including drinks but he should know that he is there for business. Business is business and not food.

2. All DJ’s are not invited to wedding to eat food rather it was strictly on business even though they can still be given food if they wish. If I am the bride, I will not pay him the remaining money. #DJfood#

Somebody was beaten to a pulp in Lagos Few weeks ago in a party because he collected extra plates when others have not even seen food at all.

Food Must be taken seriously now, at any gathering/ Events or Occasions


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