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Cult Clash Brewing In Emohua LGA: As Former Cultist Now OSPAC Vigilante In Ibaa Kills Repentant Leader Of A Cult Group Who Embraced Amnesty In 2018 At Obele Community


Crisis may brew in Emohua LGA following reports of Killing of a repentant Iceland cult leader Chica Abita aka Bishop at Obele by a repentant Deygbam No 1 man in Ibaa community aka ‘naked’ who is also a member of OSPAC in Obele community all in Emohua LGA this afternoon.
We gathered that  tension is very high in both communities now. ‘Bishop’ used to be the leader of Iceland in Ibaa community and also Pilot (Number three man) to ‘ITALIAN’ head of Iceland in Ikwerre LGA.
Sources say there is serious regrouping and arrangements for reprisals and counter reprisals by Deygbam, Iceland cult groups. Analysts says if proactive measures are not  taken by security agencies there may be bloody days ahead in Emohua LGA .
The deceased and the suspected killer accepted peace deal at Ibaa community last year June in presence of the LGA Chairman and security chiefs in the LGA.

That is why I have repeatedly maintained that ‘repentant cultists’ should not be recruited as OSPAC and vigilante members. This is the challenge will are having in OSPAC. When you recruit ‘repentant cultist’ they use the opportunity under cover of OSPAC to target their rivals. As long as ‘repentant cultist’ are recruited in OSPAC we will be having issues


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