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5 Things To Stay Away From In 2021, If You Wish To Have A Better Year Than 2020, If You Borrow, Pay Back!!!

by Anita Ogona
Below are some of the things we should keep away from this coming year.
The include:
1. Our past: The best way to enter 2021 is to enter fresh. Forget the past and move on. Let the problems of 2020 die with 2020. You can’t have a new victory until you close your current battle. Yes it hurts, accept it and move on. We will all win in 2021.
2. Unguided Passions: Try and control your passions this coming year. Fornication, Adultery and other unguided Passions could cause you to have a bad 2021. Stay clear from it this coming year. If you cannot abstain, it is better to find a single partner you can mingle with. At least it would reduce your chances of having HIV and AIDS. It would also reduce the chances of you falling into the hands of the occult people.
3. Envy: Make sure you don’t crossover with envy into 2021. In this 2021, try and focus on yourself. Try as much as possible not to compare yourself with anyone. Learn to move at your own pace.
4. Excessiveness of everything: Try to be medium in all you do. When you drink, drink at least 1 to 2 bottles. Avoid being an extremist. Stay away from religious extremism as well.
5. Laziness: The best way to enjoy this coming year is by being diligent in all your doings. Remember the slogan, ” No food for a lazy man or woman”. So make it habit to work very hard this coming year.
You can’t have a good relationship with God if
* you gossip
*you keep malice
* you’re a thief
* you’re a gambler
* you masturbate
* you fornicate
* you tell lies
*you’re greedy
*you borrow you don’t pay back
* you date married men
* you date married women…
* you insult your elders
* you’re proud
* you’re Arrogant
* you insult your leaders
* you don’t help the less privilege
* you dress half naked* you do Yahoo..
* you don’t treat your maid fine..

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