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Scientific, Social, Religious & Cultural Reasons Why You Should Not Consider DNA Test: Don’t Do It, Here Is Why!!!!


DNA Test:
Even though it is true that there are paternity frauds in our society, the reality is that, it is not so much like how social media are publicizing it.

Nigerian DNA market is unregulated, DNA is your human footprint, your personal data. DNA is not only about testing paternity but it can be use for many things.

I believe there is a plot on Nigerians by some DNA tech companies in Nigeria to raise the discussion about DNA Test in our society because they want to create a DNA bank For Nigerians.

For instance, there is a company called 54gene in Lagos that is building an African DNA bank, the company raised almost 15 million dollars from Bill and Melinda gates foundation. The company claim that the Greater availability of African genomic data could lead to medical breakthroughs for the African’s 1.2 billion people.

As far back as 2019, the company has almost 60,000 DNA samples of Nigerians in their Bank, in addition, the company is based in Washington DC and Nigeria.

How many of you are concerned about your privacy, don’t let social media discussions fool you, some of these DNA companies might be the ones sponsoring the discussion so that people can go for DNA test, soon they will gather your data and also sell it to the highest bidder in the United states or to law enforcement agencies.

People should know what they spread online, you might be claiming hardman now, understand that your privacy matters and that anybody who has control over your DNA data has control over you.

*Credited to the original Author @ thebosstrevor1


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