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Anambra City Airport Set To Be Commissioned For Operations By April 2021- SSA To Governor Willie Obiano

The oppositions will always do their designated Job, even when the Government in power secure all laurels available; they must object, hate and criticize.

We are not in any way perturbed, wailing  is an essential tool of the opposition parties.

Construct Roads, they are going to wail, build bridges, they will still wail, create Jobs, attract investors, restore security and create a viable environment for business to thrive, they will topple their wailing.

Nothing ever satisfies their incorrectness. They wish to clutch on power through the backdoor, by mere media gangsterism and intimidation.

To them, nothing is being done, even when their family and relatives depends on Government tips, prompt payment of salary and other benefits to survive, they still wail just to showcase their political incorrectness in full.

Ndị Anambra are not blind to the exploits and commendable developments of the APGA and Governor Willie Obiano administration in the State.

Do not let your guards down when they strike, do not be intimidated by their empty and inconsequential missiles attack, inundate them with the projects, policies and many exploits of the Governor Willie Obiano administration.

Governor Willie Obiano had already outperformed his predecessors and will eventually leave a bogus shoe for his successor in terms of visible infrastructural and human capital developments.

Through the prompt payment of salaries of the Obiano administration, many of these kids parading and masquerading across social media are able to feed and recharge their phone lines and data.

Through the community choose you projects scheme across the One Hundred and Eighty (180) communities in Anambra State, many of these wailers either their relatives or parents have Jobs which in return put food on the table of the family.

Anambra is first in Education, has lowest unemployment rate, top in Healthcare and overall best in Security in Nigeria, yet the blind oppositions will say nothing is being done.

They are obviously obsessed with the many achievements of APGA in Anambra State.

By April this year, Governor Willie Obiano would have commissioned the Anambra City Airport which will serve as both Cargo and Passenger Airport and largest in West Africa.

The said Airport is being financed solely by Anambra State Government.

The opposition are hungry for power and would do anything, I mean any damn thing which includes compromising the security of the State just to get close to Governance, but we won’t allow such to happen, Anambra can not go back to days of lack and loot.

Uloka Chukwubuikem #Oyepikin
Senior Special Assistant to the Governor.


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