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Paternity Scandal: “Tunde Thomas & I Are Friends For Over 20 Years”, FCMB’s MD, Nuru Adams Speaks

If you read the main story, the deceased was the cause of his own problems. Both him, the FCMB boss and his wife knew themselves for a long time since they worked together, the wife was dating her boss before they got married, both him and his co-workers knew ,they told him but he continued and was enjoying the benefits.After their marriage the boss bought them house and car. He was promoted too, but due to policy He later left the bank to Oceanic bank while the wife continued, even his family told him to leave the girl but he continued, until the wife decide to travel to US leaving both baby daddy and husband here in Nigeria to sort themselves out when she got there she opened up that the child wasn’t the husbands own, The man was shocked. It took him time to recover ,he decide to move on and met someone else, the lady got pregnant for him ,and they were preparing for their introduction, a week to the introduction Tunde died.
There was no known DNA done, the mans family petitioned FCMB, which FCMB has clarified ,that the boss has nothing to do with Tunde’s death. However there was no evidence to back it up, that if at all they happen to find any evidence, then FCMB Baby daddy would be sacked.
So far no DNA results has proved this noise all over the social media ? Or just to tarnish the man’s image? Every * and harry talking with out proof.
Let this two family conduct DNA test to settle this matter once and for all.


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