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Should 2021 Motto Become Year Of DNA? Who Are The Sponsors Of This DNA Tech Market? Business Time Or Genuine Concerns For Moral Values?


Not every event is a mere coincidence….there has to be a second wave of COVID for the Vaccine to sell, for any product/service to sell the market for it has to be created. For the DNA Tech market to sell there has to be something whether created by chance (the case of Moyo Thomas/FCMB MD) or by design.

The kind of adverts to look out for these days
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I am prodded to ask….how viral this DNA incidence has gone, do you think there are underground sponsors (DNA techs) or are people genuinely worried about societal morals and values?

NOTE – Only a foolish man will conduct DNA for kids he has been fathering with a wife he paid her Bride Price and with Court marriage certificate. So after your idiotic test you’ll do away with the child{ren} and start up afresh?? Hey, foolish man, let me ask you, so if you remarry and produce other kid{s} would you still go for another DNA? Again, dis you conduct DNA for your wife to ascertain that the man she calls father was actually her father?? What about you foolish man, have you done your own DNA check???


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