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DIOBU Vigilante Clears The Air, On Operations In D/Line: Says They Went After Criminals Snatching Phones, Handbags, Cutting Gold Necklaces At Sangana, Njemanze & Railway Under Fly Over In Mile1 Area


The Chairman of Diobu Security Services Prince Amatari Has debunked allegation in the media that the group attacked residents of Railway in D/line Diobu.

He explained that Diobu Vigilante operations in D line in port Harcourt City Local Government Area was well defined and that the claims of Big fish and Nwakprakpo who went on air that Diobu Vigilante gave machetes injuries on residents and carted away with their valuables is diversionary & misleading that the operation was truly targeted at Big shoe and Nwakprakpo and gang whose criminal activities ranging from arm robbery, burglary, kidnapping, unlawful possession of fire arms, cutting of gold necklaces, snatching of phones and handbags, selling of all kind of drugs such as cocaine , Indian hemps, etc

He said ”that the 3 day’s operations of Diobu Vigilante in railway’s was celebrated and encouraged by genuine residents of railway who have suffered in the hands of Big Shoe and Nwakprakpo and their gang, even as we speak genuine residents of railway have visited Diobu Vigilante office begging for the continues presence of Diobu Vigilante in railway which they said will go a long way in making them sleep with their two eyes closed, that residents of railway on daily basis are vulnerable to that gang activities of Big shoe, Nwakprakpo and their gang members.

PRINCE AMATARI Also hinted That even cars packed at the mechanic shade are equally not safe as gear box, brain box, motor batteries, car radios etc are removed on daily basis. Confessional statements of 3 major suspect in the mile 1 police station cell led to the operation taken in railway and Njemanze forest opposite Silverbird as one of the suspect was unlawfully in possession of fire arms  which he uses to terrorize residents of railway, Under fly over, Sangana, Aba Road and D line while two others diverted passengers in a vanagon bus going to Lagos bus stop while the bus had mechanical issues around the mile 1 flyover as an 18 years old boy was blindfolded and was taken to Nzemaze forest by six man gang

He said two among the six where apprehended and with their  confessional statements of their hideouts at Nzemaze forest, railway which took our operations to railway and Big shoe, Nwakprakpo escaped, three suspect was apprehended in Big shoe and Nwakprakpo criminal hideout with car key recovered, different kinds of charms, video camera, phones, ATM cards, Indian hemp and such criminals hide their identities(no name) but that no innocent person was wounded or arrested only the criminals

He said those who went on air that residents of railway were wounded with machetes and their valuables taken which Diobu Vigilante challenge without fear or Favour apart from Big shoe, Nwakprakpo and their gang members claiming to be residents of Railway.

He also urged those aggrieved to channel such claims to the police if truly they are not diverting public attention for sympathy so they can continue in their evil ways.

He said Their misleading claims will never deter Diobu Vigilante from going after them that our enviable track records in complementing the efforts of the police has made us to stand the test of time that our sleepless countless efforts gave birth to the relative peace residents enjoys today. Big shoe and his gang should tell the public their true source of income and they should equally tell the public why NDLEA arrested them for months? Why did they hide their identities and names in their press interview if not criminally intended that Diobu Vigilante assures residents of bringing as many troubling them to book that the era where criminal commits crime and go Free is over, that Big shoe, Nwakprakpo and their gang members troubling residents of railway, sangana and D line will surely be brought to book


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