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Dear Nigeria Youth What Lessons Did You Learn From Bobbi Wine Of Uganda Presidential Contest? No Surrender, Wake Up From Your Comfort Zones!!!

This guy has proven to Nigerian youths what true struggle means.
It means you don’t surrender.
It means the oppressor will do everything possible to keep you oppressed
I have heard many people say Buhari this or that. Buhari is not strong a dictator as the president of Uganda. Imagine Bobi Wine was just 5 years old since this man was a president. He has never left the seat for anyone.
The guy you see there has been arrested, rearrested, jailed, freed, jailed again and again.
His co-musician who started the struggle with him was abducted, brutalized and later reported dead. That never scared him.
And just few days back, his internet access was cut. Imagine someone campaigning for presidency was cut off the internet. He could not update his followers nor do anything.
Did I tell you that his wife was once shamed, brutalized and mocked?
Here he is.
One thing I love about him? He never give in to any form of penny bribery. He stood, dared the odds, and believed.
The youths are solidly behind him. Inside the rains they stood with him side by side. They are ready to die by his side as long as a change will come.
And… Ehen, I know you may not know that he is a musician too.
If it was Nigeria, common protest our musicians will lead, once they hear their names mentioned, they’ll run go hide leave guys for street. Bobi wine has led many protests, be has been brutalized, threatened of death, jailed and still he never backed down. His case reminds me of late Nelson Mandela. He is dead but his legacies will keep living even to our next generation and next and next.
No freedom fighter lives a life of comfort. And if you believe the freedom you are fighting for will come without any pains and blood, you are yet to wake up.
Bobi Wine is a great inspiration to Africa youths. Permit me to say Nigerians precisely.
But, I kept imagining if this guy is a Nigerian. Would he get the support from youths like his Ugadian youths?
Wish you all the best Bobby. Go LEADER!


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