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Is Ogbuefi/Ichie Traditional Tittle More Prestigious Than Religious “Sir” Knighthood? Compare Their Requirements, Why Some People Prefers To Be Addressed By Their Tittles

I know most people see the title “Sir” to be dignifying and respectful. Well, some people have earned it according to oyibo honors of Knighthood, etc and so many love it even without understanding it’s roots. Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually prestigious traditionally for Westerners. Especially France, UK, etc.

But please start understanding that there are people who are not comfortable with being addressed as Sir, myself for instance. It’s become important that I make this clear so that those who really respect me would know how best to. Makes me feel really fake or slavish. I had taken my time to correct even my international lecturers during my studies abroad and happy they all respect me and happily use the adequate title when addressing me on and off classes. That’s how important it is to me.

I am Ogbuevi (Ogbuefi in some dialects). I’m not Sir. I’m not Mr. I’m not Chief. You can say Ichie alternatively as they have same meaning. There are greats like Sir Alex Ferguson , etc that are traditionally Sirs based on their roots and achievements. Such people have not earned the status of Ogbuevi and would be fake if they answered Ogbuevi just like I feel so fake when addressed as Sir.

I wonder why most of you see my title Ogbuevi so glaringly here but would still say “Sir” when addressing me? It’s understandable if oyibos do such but not you, my siblings.

By the way, Ogbuevi/ichie is more prestigious than Sir if we compare the requirements of achieving and maintaining them, and it’s demoting to use Sire on onye ichie. In summary, Knighthood that makes you Sir is rooted in violence/war while Ogbuevi is rooted in developmental/economic contributions to your society. but which do you prefer?

These (self awareness) are the fundamentals of Odinani.. animal sacrifices, etc are secondary.

Ogbuevi Iveagujidile


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