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Deplorable State Of Rivers State Secretariat: Civil Servants Depends On Water Vendors, Uses Personal Torch lights To Access Hallways, Contribute To Fuel Ministry Generators


The alleged deplorable state of the Rivers State secretariat has continued to generate reactions.
Some senior servants who are not happy with the state of affairs of the state secretariat said the have not had light for over 4 months as such -Hausa men supply water to all the floors.

They said most times some people lose breathe and get dizzy when climbing to their various offices because the lift to the 17th floor building are not working and wondered how can people give their best in such a working condition. They call on the Rivers state government to consider the health of the workers and look into the trees growing on walls of the building which they fear may crack at any time and cause serious damageOur correspondent who visited the secretariat reports that despite the sit at home order by the State Government for grade levels 1-13, a lot of senior civil servants don’t make it to work, As a result the high rise edifice is quarter occupied by the category of staffs that are meant to be on a essential duties.

The popular news paper stand filled with free readers were scanty, Tales of despair displayed on their faces waiting for the routine 4PM Or 2PM max to go home.
Dirty all over the place, trees growing on the walls and generators littered all over for various Ministries for power.

The willing staff who offered information to our reporter said each ministry provide their own light, if there is need to work, otherwise they use hand fan or newspaper to cool themselves when the weather becomes really hot


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