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Former CBN Governor Prof. Chukwuma Soludo Chosen To Fly The APGA Governorship Ticket: Will He Be A Tough Choice For Challengers In PDP,APC & LP?


After the zoom meeting yesterday, Chukwuma Soludo has been chosen to be given consensus APGA ticket. There  maybe no need for primaries as you know it.

The meeting had the ‘bobo nkiti’ crossing his legs just like what you see in this picture, He told others that this is the right decision and all should align with it and support the project. He reiterated that APGA can not afford to project an unknown face or someone without a public office track record that it will be catastrophic.

The election for APGA now will be easy, difficult or catastrophic depending aside their own effort and marketability of Soludo, the quality other parties will present to Ndi Anambra. If this decision doesn’t change like that of Bianca Ojukwu and Ifeanyi Ubah, then the coast is free for Prof. Soludo to slog it out with men of calibre and steel from other major parties like the PDP, APC, LP, etc. Where is my popcorn

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Consensus candidate will mar APGA opportunity to retain Anambra state, it will breed internal crisis that will put that party into flames, This is the beginning of their downfall, internal Democracy is the problem of APGA, still playing partisan’s politics and refuses to grow up

EWR NOTE- He reiterated that APGA can’t project an unknown face ! Please who and who knew him before he came to power? That’s not a good practice in democratic build up. Give everyone equal opportunity to contest at the primary, unless you have something you are hiding from us. November will decide the winner..


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