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Igbos Are One, Stop Ancient Social Discrimination: Bloggers Calls For End Against Ethnic Biases, Allow Your Children To Marry Where They Find Love

by adminreporter

Dear Igbo people, Please kindly stop that Culture that discriminants about Osu and Ume.
The discriminations and stigmatization is unfair.
We are all Humans and created by One God.

Dear Parents, allow your children marry who they love, as long as they are compatible.

Let’s put an End to discriminations in Igbo Land.
Let’s stop stigmatizing Ndi mbaise, Ndi Arondizogu, Ndi Ngwa, Ndi Aguleri, Ndi Nsukka, Ndi Nnewi, Ndi Ebonyi. The Stigmatization is unfair.
We are all One. Doesn’t matter your cultural, Social and religious Background.

According to AMAKA CHUKWUNYERE A lot of People have lost their lives because of the Stigma and stereotyping of Osu and Ume.
Our fore father’s were not always right.
Let’s start changing our Parents orientation about Osu and Ume.
That God that gave them beauty, wealth, and Favour is the Same God we all serve. They are Blessed and not Cursed. The Story I heard about Osu and Ume were all false.
Do your research and you will realize that these people have been victimized for years.

My Generation can stop it,
My Generation are the ones Clamouring for a change in the Nigeria system,
My Generation can also put an End to Stigmatization and stereotyping in Igbo Land.

Igbos are One.
Let love lead

This is much in mbaitoli/ikeduru local government Areas
From one community to another you must get one
This is really bad, some parents will be telling they children who’s is osu and who is diala
And we want to make heaven? I am so happy that God in his infinite mercy has shown these (OSU) so much love. In my town, they are the most beautiful, the richest, the most recognized. In church, they are the people who bring out real cash for church building projects and anything that requires money to be achieved. The truth is our people are confused and lack so much wisdom. They will refuse to marry them and yet befriend them, sleep with them, eat their money etc. As long as I am concerned, we are all same before God. My Bible has made it clear to me that the only person who is an outcast is someone who doesn’t believe in God and strive to do his will. WE ARE ONE.
A lot of people don’t even know what Osu caste system is all about. They (Osu) should be proud of themselves. They are the Levite stock of the Igbo Odinani religion. while UME is the worst of it all and very dangerous, UME has a very bad and wicked spirit that want to take possession of any family they entered, and this is how the spirit work, ones you marry an UME girl into any family, (1) no male child will ever survive in that family again except the male children she gave birth to.
This is one of the reasons the division continues – people fail to tell themselves the truth
Look at the discriminations against Ebonyi people, Enugu people, Mbaise people etc. That is not how it should be
It was this discriminations that made Igbos of Rivers and Delta states keep saying they are not Igbo
All over social media, you see them making videos fighting themselves here and there.
Even in government. Take Imo State as a example. See how their leaders fight themselves.
Okorocha doesn’t deserve such public disgrace he received yesterday. At least not from someone like Uzodinma who didn’t get there rightfully. Someone who has done anything for his state is busy shaming his predecessor
Who does that?
Our people have a long way to go

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