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Tackling The Scourge Of Drug Abuse, Peddling & Smuggling, NDLEA Boss Buba Marwa Seeks Support Of Sister Security Agencies

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The Chairman of the National Drug law enforcement agency NDLEA Brig Gen BUBA Marwa is seeking for interagency collaboration in fighting the menace of drugs trafficking at all airports and seaports within the country.

The CEO of NDLEA Brig Gen BUBA Marwa while addressing heads of security chiefs at Port Harcourt international Airport Omagwa and federal light terminal Onne in Port Harcourt during his first familiarization tour to sister security agencies and stakeholders in Rivers state, said the high consumption and peddling of hard substances within the country calls for a serious concern from all security agencies to work together in stopping the flow of illicit drugs, and as stakeholders they cant sit and watch the country gets destroyed with the drug scourge.


He Regretted that in the past Nigeria was used as drug transit corridor but unfortunately the youths have turned the country to drug users and abuser. He said all the crimes that the country is facing are all being perpetrated by illicit drug users. “Armed robbery, kidnapping, banditry, insurgency, militancy, rape and other social vices are carried out by illicit drug users. “Nobody in his right senses will partake in any of these nefarious activities. So if we are able to rid our society of illicit drugs, crime rates would have been drastically reduced in the country,” he noted.

The NDLEA chairman also stated that the task of arrest and seizure of these illicit drugs were all geared towards cutting down on its availability to Nigerians
The CEO of the National Drug law enforcement agency NDLEA BUBA Marwa also appealed to officers of NDLEA to save the youths by working with sister agencies in smoking out arms dealers and smugglers into the country using various air and sea terminals

Correspondent Anita Ogona reports that heads of various security units at Port Harcourt international Airport and Onne seaport also expressed willingness to partner with NDLEA in fight drugs menace

Our task also ensures that these illicit substances are not either exported out or imported into our country. “We must save our children from illicit drugs that’s why we need the support of our religious leaders. “The Nigerian society is very religious, citizens listen to the religious leaders, that’s why I’m appealing to our religious leaders to please rise up to this occasion. “Let the massage of war against illicit drugs always form part of your sermon and admonishment to your congregations,” he added.

The chairman also noted that record has shown that huge amount of seizure of illicit drugs have been made across the country’s airports, seaports and territorial boarders of some states in the past weeks upon his assumption in office. “One of the highest seizures recorded recently was in Edo State where 240 tons of Cannabis, about seven trailer load equivalent of the substance, were confiscated, the perpetrators have also been arrested as the process of prosecution has already began. “Some of the drug barons that have escaped the agency for over 10 years have been caught, the war against illicit drugs must be won by the NDLEA as soon as possible,” he said.

The relevant stakeholders so far consulted by the NDLEA chairman have in separate responses pledged their readiness to fight the drug menace. “Heads of security at the Port Harcourt International airport, the Nigerian Ports Authority (Onne Port), Leaders of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) were amongst stakeholders who pledged their support. Others are: the Muslim leaders and members of the road transportation workers union in the state.

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