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Governor Willie Obiano Showcases Some Of His Security Achievements, Says South East Is The Safest Region In Nigeria Today

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Gov WILLIE Obiano of Anambra Shares his achievements on  Security:
Before Gov Obiano, Anambra was known as the State that defied all security approaches to remain tops in criminal ranking serving as the hub for all sorts of crime in South East Nigeria.
Past governments and ndi Anambra engaged every available means to cleanse the State, yet to no avail… There were “Boys O Yeah!”; “OTA Boys”; “Bakassi Boys”; etc, yet no solution!
But today, Anambra is rated as the Safest State in Nigeria with “breaths of safety” spreading to the neighboring States. Within 3 years of #ObianoEffect!
What’s the magic… What did Gov Obiano do? Read the 25 Tweets below:
The governor…
1. Applied continuity ensuring that every good development on security by former governors is sustained
2. Made security his no 1 enabler and set up road map to achieving a sustainable Safest State
3. Organized a capacity building Security Summit for all security formations with Israeli Security Expert, Moshe Keinan in attendance
4. Launched Operation Kpochapu involving all the Security Agencies
5. Donated Patrol Trucks with Command and Control Centers to the Police, Army, Navy, etc
6. Installed “Sand Bags” Check Points at Flashpoints with tents and solar powered street lights to lighten up the usually dark areasMay be an image of outdoors
7. Launched Operation Sheba for tighter security during festivals and yuletide seasons
8. Donated about 25 Smart Cars to the Nigerian Police with modern communication gadgets for better patrols
9. Hosted first ever South East and Delta States Security Summit to share notes and secure the whole region
10. Employed drones to get accurate imagery of hard to reach areas
11. Provided horses for crowd control
12. Enforced without prejudice the law against kidnapping, thus kidnappers’ dens were totally destroyed
13. Held head count, training and special reorientation Programmes for the local vigilante groupsMay be an image of car and outdoors
14. Fought crime through job creation from New Investments,
15. Donated gunboats to the Nigerian Navy for marine security
16. Donated 100 specially designed auto bikes for the motorbike Brigade
17. Launched Operation Udo Amaka to sustain the security being enjoyed in the State
18. Commenced Operation Light Up Anambra to ensure safer night life
19. Launched Metro Police Patrol team
20. Launched Special Police Units for the Shopping Malls, Students Areas and Night Life Zones
21. Set up the Peace Committee to ensure no case of herdsmen attack and avoid any related crisis
22. Maintains regular aerial surveillance of Anambra borders with the Police Helicopter
23. Ensures seamless payment of due and appropriate allowances to the security agencies
24. Attracted a new Armoured Personnel Carrier from the IG of Police and refurbished three others to make it 4 APCs in the State
25. Flagged off the Construction of the new Mobile Police Force BarracksMay be an image of 2 people, people standing and text that says 'POLICE NIGERIAPOLICE NIGERIA POLICE'
…and many other security moves and feats!
In each of these laudable achievements, adequate resources were used to train and equip the security formations as due and necessary!
That’s why Anambra is the Safest State in Nigeria!
Above is what I wrote in 2017 just before the gubernatorial election in Anambra State.
4 years down the line, Gov Obiano has even done more…
He has provided more security motorbikes, more patrol vehicles, more support for the security agencies and mostly recently, Gov Obiano launched “Operation Kpochapu 2” and the success in Anambra has indirectly reduced crime in all South East States.
Today, I can proudly say that South East is the Safest Region as our Governors recently adopted Community Policing Framework to fight crime.
Most importantly, they agreed to share and compare security notes to enable them improve on all security measures already on ground.
When I tell you that Gov Obiano is the best in security… Do you still doubt?
CREDITS: Engr Ifeanyi Aniagoh- The Digi-Priest

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