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New Olu of Warri Emerges, He Is 37 Years Old Tsola Emiko Who Was Formally Disqualified Because His Mum Was Neither Itshekiri Nor Benin?

by Anita Ogona

37 year old Tsola Emiko, emerged after the Olu Advisory Council suspended Chief. Ayiri Emani, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Council, who formerly disqualified Prince. Tsola Emiko on the ground that the Olu of Warri’s mother must be from Itshekiri or Benin ancient Kingdom.

It gladdens my heart when Young Nigerians emerge to take up leadership positions in the community, Council, state or federal level.

The position of the Council has once again reaffirmed the pronouncement of King. Akeem Joffer, in the fictional kingdom of Zamunda, whom against the tides of the tradition of his ancestors on male heir apparent, decreed that his daughter, Princess. Meeka Joffer, be crowned the Princess and heir apparent to the throne.

Irrespective of the fact that Prince Tsola’s mother is neither an Itshekiri nor Benin woman, that shouldn’t in anyway deprive the Son his position on the throne as the first legitimate son of the late Olu’s family.

Even when King Akeem Joffer resorted to follow the counsel of his late father, King Jaffe Joffer, to trace his illegitimate son in the far away city of Queens, New York City, United States of America,, and return him to Zamunda, just for the purpose of crowning him Prince, this mission failed because it is humanly ingenuine to deprive the legitimate first child of the family her position simply because she’s a woman. And most importantly, to cajole an innocent young man to come in and play the role a pawn.

I believe in Africa. We will continue to make improvements in part of our tradition that breaches the principle of natural justice. I equally believe that God will one day give Anambra State, Nigeria, a Governor that will understand that Kings shouldn’t be dethroned because they disobeyed the governor’s directive, hence creating former ‘Igwes’. A king can only vacate his thrown upon death. Even when he’s dead, he’s not pronounced dead, because it is believed that he has transited to the ancestral plane to proceed his journey of immortality.

This journey was once again made visible in a popular movie; The Black Panther. We sit and lazy around while the westerners come and carry out research about our beautiful tradition, turn around and send us an assignment to go and relearn through movie viewership, and we pay so much for this services.

Christopher Uzochukwu Ikejiofor (Obuluọsụchie II)

Winton, Dorset, England.

4th April 2021

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