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Sex Workers In Port Harcourt Raise Alarm Over Increase In Issuance Of Fake POS Bank Alert After Service, Police Arrest One

by Anita Ogona

The Issue Of Fake Alert is now thriving business in port Harcourt. We gathered that The people who indulge in fake alert mostly targets POS operators, business owners. After purchasing some valuables they request for account detail of the person and immediately make the online bank transfer, the person receives alert almost immediately from the person’s bank. They also patronize POS operators with higher commission offer for the transaction of transferring money to the POS operator personal account with bargain that the POS operator will give him/her cash. Unknown to POS operator that is fake alert
A Rights Activist PRINCE WIRO advised that  ”To avoid being swindled by the fraudsters, when somebody especially people you don’t know makes online transfer to you and you receive an alert, check your balance using your Mobile APP or using your Network provider. If  it is  fake alert, the account balance will not capture the transferred money, it will still be the former balance.No description available.
He also noted that Good percentage of the victims are some young ladies whom ‘guy men’ will have agreement with for fun in exchange of money. They normally deceive them by agreeing to pay higher and immediately sends the alert few minutes upon arrival of the ladies at the venue of the match game  Unknown to the ladies that it is fake alert. while She does her own part of the bargain unaware that alert is fake . he also urged Business Men and Woman to be alert and guard against falling prey to fake alert scammers.

Meanwhile Police has arrested a Young boy after  two ladies accused him of robbing them at gunpoint with his gang. The ladies arrested him with Police based on the allegation that the young man is into the  business of discussing with girls to have fun with them and in return pay them for the ‘service’.
What he does is to send fake alert to the ladies he had agreed price with and on receipt of the alert the lady will do her own part of the bargain. but after a while the Ladies will discover that the alert never came.
He did it to one of the ladies and the lady after two weeks acting on credible intelligence located him and arrested him on allegation of armed robbery without informing the Police what transpired between them.

The Centre for Basic Rights Protection and Accountability Campaign has appeal to young men to  desist from acts capable of sending them to prison , Coordinator the Group PRINCE WIRO while reacting to the issues said  ”This is also action that makes some mischievous ladies to accuse some young men of rape.  He urged As young  boys there are characters you jettison, so as not to bring unnecessary problems to yourself.

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