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Actress Rita Edochie Playing God Over ADA JESUS Social Media Personality Ill Health Or True Vendetta?

by Anita Ogona


I am happy that the WHOLE WORLD has seen that Ada Jesus framed all SORTS of LIES and HEAPED on ME. I have been VINDICATED by Ada’s PREDICAMENTS. The good LORD has FOUGHT my BATTLE for me.
As a RESULT of PLEADINGS from people, PARTICULARLY my FANS, i have FORGIVEN her.
Let HER beg GOD for FORGIVENESS and HEALING.” – Actress Rita Edochie bows to pressure, forgives ailing comedienne, Ada Jesus.May be an image of 1 person

FOR US AS A GROUP- Rita Edochie has disgraced  herself and now looking for a way to remove your shame. Madam many people have lost their respect for you and no amount of things you say again will wash away your disgrace. You disappoint me and everyone who once saw you as Ezinne. she was busy playing demi God. There are things you dont say outrightly. Even if she feels that way, which is natural as a human accused, she should have minded her utterances. I was once accused of having an affair with someone in the Church and my husband knowing fully well it is nothing but a lie, stood up for me. With time the truth came out that I was innocent of the accusation. For two good months, I stopped attending church but I never hated my accuser rather I asked God to speak for me and He did. So if peradventure something happened to my accuser, I will start dancing and mocking the person? I pray that money will be raised and that young woman be saved to shame the devil and those who mocked her

Thank God we all must die one day. Forgiveness is not something the whole world will hear before you do it. Nobody is perfect not even me

Humanitarian Iwuala Nnamdi Paulcy Speaks On The Illness That Has Befallen Comedian, And Social Media Personality Popularly Known As ‘Ada Jesus’.

“Indeed, there are principalities, and there are powers, but there is also science and I believe in science.

When the world rejected Ada Jesus, I took a stand, if you have not been sick you won’t understand the pain I saw she was going through, I saw in her the features I saw in me, I reached out to her, I called her, at first she was reluctant, I called her again and again and when she gave me a listening ear, I made her to understand that I was also a victim of that same illness she is going through and that there is nothing to be ashamed of, that medically she will be sound if she embraces quick medical intervention.May be an image of one or more people, people sitting and indoor

I then proceeded to Onitsha after she sent me her address. I got to the said hospital, it was very ‘empty’. She must be the only one there, I met with the nurse who told me she was receiving treatment. I saw Ada, it was not a good sight at all, she had a bloated face, swollen feet, her body was itching all over, her head was banging and she was weak with no single strength to even speak clearly to me. I took a look at her test results which showed her kidney was failing but on a closer look with a doctor friend, she has chances just like me if she can receive an early treatment since the cause can be diagnosed.

I demanded to see the doctor who refused for close to an hour. I have few video records of this particular event. After a little altercation with the nurses, the doctor came out and asked what is going on. I asked what he was doing about Ada’s situation and why keep her here since it is obvious she needs to go for dialysis, at least to clean the waste in her. The doctor and I had a little face-off and I decided to leave knowing she might die if delayed in that hospital.

I told Ada it is time for her to leave the country and once I get home we will start processing her visa. I spoke to my friend and we started processing the visa, got her passport, invitations were processed . I asked Ada who she is going with, she said she wanted me to follow her I said NO, I can’t go with you it has to be a family member since I need to be here raising funds for you, she said ok.

Two days later, everything was set, I called Ada she didn’t pick, I kept calling she was not responding after a while she picked. ‘Nne ke zi ife na eme nu’? She said her family insisted that she stay back so they’ll take care of her, I said Ok ooo. I reported back to my friend about the situation of things and that we need to halt the process, my friend reached out to the Mom, they talked. I want to believe that she was also adamant to our pleas for immediate intervention. I reached out to Ada again, I said how much have we raised she said about, about N3M, and that was only in few days . I said Nne, please do yourself a favour and travel out, or better still go for dialysis please, of course with the circulated video it shows that she did none of that.

I have not said she should not beg those she has talked down on but while doing that, she should seek for medical assistance, get your health taken care of while you are at it, that was my honest advice which I gave her.

I am glad that some other kind souls have decided to assist her. Marksman Chimark is a good man and should be commended for his benevolence to help out. Harrison has tried too. I hope she will agree to get the adequate treatment needed. Kidney issue though serious is not a death sentence.

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