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Force Headquarters says It Has Received Over 1000 Transfer Requests From Officers Serving In South East

by Anita Ogona

This trend of attacks against Police has instilled in the heart of the Security Operatives in that region, a phobia like fear. It is psychological.  the Police in the Southeast region of Nigeria are also  lamenting the pitiful condition that exists in the east, which have increased and instilled fear in the heart of Security operatives in the east geo-political zone. And the police have fearfully chosen to remain anonymous or neglect their duties as some of these roadblocks, checkpoints are nowhere to be found. A police officer in the southeast who spoke concerning the situation of incessant attacks and the grip of fear that now exists said: “With the situation of things, we are unable to wear our uniforms from home to office. We are no longer being posted to mane road checkpoints.”

Another police officer said: “A station with just 8 officers on duty could be overrun and outflanked by hundreds of armed attackers. We have lost over 20 of our officers to these attackers in less than 6 months.

According to a report from Daily trust who gathered this information, it is not business as usual for police in that region, as there have been increased attacks on security personnel, targeting mostly the Nigerian policemen. How did it get to this level you may ask?

FOR the records, there have well over 38 attacks against the Security personnel and security facilities across the southeast, many Security Men have lost their lives and property destroyed in these attacks.

The IGP should also treat as urgent cases of complaint against most of d police officers especially in the South West area too.
A case of ARMED ROBBERY AND ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT Case was reported to a DPO no arrest was made and I further wrote a petition to the AIG ZONE 2 but till date no arrest or invitation of the suspect. While  the suspect bragged that he’s well connected to the top police officers in Lagos and that nothing will happen to him and so it is till date. This is impunity and corruption at dual display 





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