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No Woman Should Be The Source Of Another Woman’s Cry: Workshop On Strengthening The Capacity Of Women For Representation In Decision Making Process – Key Take Away

by Anita Ogona

Women in Rivers state have been urged to support other women in other to attain the 35 percent affirmative action. Of the global gender parity by the Nigerian women Trust FundAways No description available.

Speaking on the Topic A Woman’s Place, strengthening the capacity of Women for Representation in Decisions making processes. at the two days workshop on Gender main streaming for CBOs, FBO and Women Group on Organizational Development in Port Harcourt, one of the Resources persons the program manager Lois Chinedu  on module one, after introduction, spoke on Requirements for proposal writing, indicators of Hood proposal, monitoring and Evaluation and Budget,  later on module three Resources Mobilization to practical sessions and later on day two of the training caps on Gender concepts and gender mainstreaming. She said women must make conscious effort not to be part of those who pull other women down.No description available.

She said it is better for women to support one another as times have shown that women have capacity to deliver on projects entrusted in their care than men.

Explaining further she said Women have the ability to multitasking as such, projects entrusted to any woman should not suffer. Noting that those who use their families, children as Excuse not to attain goals are merely being lazy. Because God has Endowed women with special skills to withstand various pressures.No description available.

Also speaking on how to Navigate through the process   A Gender Consultant Ngozi Nwosu~Juba on  Organizational strategic planning, Key elements of, Developing a strong organizational strategy, Swot and PESTLE analysis, stakeholders mapping and engegmennt. And then on module 3 spoke on Resources mobilization and enhancing community mobilization through participation, she said “Our talks must seasoned with courtesy, she urged women not to use derogatory words on one another, apply caution where one is not sure and seek for clarification on names, issues that are not too clear or familiar with in dealing with others in public offices and at work places.

Also speaking on module six and seven, communication, Networking and Advocacy, Mr Innocent Adoh explained that women in Leadership positions should seek good communication skills in order to pass their message across without offense.. He gave out tips on tools for communication with allies, partners and Funders also taught on effects of bad communication and how it could become disastrous, good social media outings, developing advocacy messages networking and its importance, and urge the women to also partner with various media out fit for effective campaigns, outreaches on gender main streaming. No description available.

Meanwhile some participants at the program express joy at the richness of the course outlines and asked for extended days so as not to rush the topics which they said are impactful, rich and straight to the point.

The also thanked the organizers and their partners for training women in leadership in the state on effective communication exercises, writing press releases organizing and groups discussion which they say have been impactful.


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