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Diobu (Vigilante) Security Services Raise Alarm Over Plot To Assassinate Some Officials Of Diobu Vigilante Using The Police Anti-Kidnapping Unit On Trump -Up Allegations

by Anita Ogona

Press Release

Diobu Security Service against Anti Kidnapping Unit Of The River State Police Command, Victor Ohaji And His Sponsors. Diobu Security Service is calling on the Executive Governor Chief Barr E..N Wike , Commissioner of Police and Sponsors of Victor Ohaji to call him to Order

A Statement signed by the coordinator and chairman of Diobu Vigilante Security services Prince Amatari  Biepelede  allege that they  are aware of the present plots of assassination and allegations to incriminate him and the entire Diobu Security Services with already planned dead bodies and fire arm’s ,and all this plot’s is geared towards destabilizing the security architecture that has existed hitherto in Diobu that the presence of Diobu Security Services has made people of Diobu to sleep very well and these unscrupulous elements with questionable characters through their sponsor want to breach the security architecture to enable them have way to start their criminal activities. After the planned failed deal by Victor Ohaji misleading a reputable Police tactical unit like Anti Kidnapping who acted unprofessional leading to expose them more of their activities on Tuesday 6th April 2021 that Victor Ohaji in a Nissan car accompanied by some suspected cultist stormed no 3 Osina Street in mile 3 adopted Sunday Aleche of Diobu Security Service and the Sunday Aleche was beaten to coma and taken away that an entry to this was entered at the Azikiwe Police Division and the DPO called Victor Ohaji who denied and such denial as never been a surprise because he is known for various  criminal activities more than this, he said what is most worrisome that his suspected criminal activities are not challenged by the security agencies who we are seeing as comprise with a coverage from the sponsors silent in the Police with fat envelopes or fear of been transferred. Following the adoption of Sunday Aleche on Wednesday 7th April 2021 by Victor Ohaji and his suspected cultist who later dropped him at the Anti Kidnapping unit seeing the deal to assassinate Sunday Aleche has known to all and sundry following the call from the Azikiwe DPO and we also informed that Anti Kidnapped unit frowned at the act of Victor Ohaji but couldn’t act against him because of their commitment to each other on criminal activities and plots that is failing as not expected. We are also aware that Anti Kidnapping unit through sponsor of some hidden big weight want to lay more allegations on me and the Diobu Security Services as we promised giving security agencies names of the big weight trying to destabilize the security architecture of Diobu as most of this criminals are their boys that Anti Kidnapping unit who said they acted on a petition that my boys are kidnappers and has gone to release them threatening them not to disclose their threats and conditions for their release which we will disclose soon yet they still kept three namely Sunday Aleche, Richman Jogwe and Emmanuel Harry whom we are informed they want fake the CP with false allegations on them by parading them on the media all to cover their unprofessional conduct that is full of distraction that Victor Ohaji has provided them all exhibit for prosecution including a robber gun.

Prince Amatari Bipeledei

Chairman/Commander Diobu (Vigilante) Security Services

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