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IGBO Political Leaders Comes Under Heavy Attacks From Igbo Scholars Over Mistaken Identity Of Lion(Odum) And Leopard(Agu) Symbol Of New Security Outfit Ebubeagu

by Anita Ogona

The argument between Lion, Leopard and Tiger (which is not found in Africa) has reared its ugly head again, courtesy of Igbo Political Leaders. They don’t even know the difference between Agu and Ọdụm. They used Lion (Ọdụm) in place of Leopard (Agụ) in the Ebube Agụ proposal. They are now causing confusion to the uninitiated, and the latter are even making references that if the educated five political leaders can use it they can  also use it that way. In Igbo Land For clarifications-

The Original IGBO Totem, They Would Say Things Like “ODUM N’EGBU AGU” Leopard  (agu owulu) is more indigenous to the Igbos than the Lion Odum egwu) Agu , etymologically and anthropologically, is a Misinterpretation for Lion

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IGBO Historians says Agu is the symbol of Igbo People. Mind you that Agu (which people percept as lion (Odum) is due to lack of clarity by so many persons. And a mistake made by one teacher is passed down the line of students and next generation). Agu in Igbo is Leopard or Cheetah. Both has similar appearance and strength just that Cheetah is faster and slim while leopard is bigger and have broader chest (Shoulder) than Cheetah. Leopard can carry its pray up a big tree (up to 35ft tall). Lion was made prominent due to the story by South Africans (Zulus) “the Lion King” and lion is prominent in their land (South Africa and Kenya have more of Lions) Again, its (Lion) size, weight and length is commendable.  For the sake language structure, the typical representation of an Igbo Man is a Leopard. and if we argue further we will not exhaust this arguments

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According to Obi Ernest Okwudiri- When ever I Tell UMU Igbo That AGU Is The Original IGBO Totem, They Would Say Things Like “ODUM N’EGBU AGU”. This Is An Ignorant Statement Because Killing Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With The Reason. Why ODUM Is Not An IGBO Totem. And At The Same Time, There Are Many Occasions Where AGU Killed ODUM, (Just To Come Down To Your Level Of Intelligence), But I Am Writing This To Unveil To You Guys The True Reasons Why AGU Is The Original IGBO Totem. And After I Am Done, You Should Probably Go Burn The ISI-ODUM Shirt That You Have Because It Is Anti-Igbo. You Call It ISI-AGU, But It Is ISI-ODUM. And For The Records, After You Are Done Reading This And You Decide To Ask Me About TIGERS, Just Know That Tigers Did Not Originate From Africa, So We Do Not Have Any Name For Tigers. NDI Igbo Name Things Based On Observable Truth, They Don’t Name What They Didn’t See In Africa. If We Have A Word For Tiger, It Was Named By NDI Igbo PURU APU (The Elegant Nomads). IGBO Is A Math Language. It Is A Language That You Can Only Be Able To Properly Innerstand Through Patterns, Which Are Riddles/Math/Divinations. For Example, The Word AGU Means 3 Things In Igbo Language. And These 3 Things Will Help You Innerstand Where The Leopards Live, And What They Are After. 1. AGUU = Hunger/Needs/Desire, 2. AGU = Forest/Jungle, 3. AGU = Leopard. The Leopards Live In The Jungle/Forests, Because This Is Where They Find Good Food That They Need. And IGBO Is A Forest. It Is In This Forest Called IGBO That NDI Igbo Mastered The Principles Of The Leopard And Made The Animal Our Totem. The Lion (ODUM) Doesn’t Live In The Forest-Jungles Like The Leopards, The Lions Live In Open Fields. This Also Shows You That The Lion Isn’t The King Of The Jungle Like We Have Been Thought By The Bekee. There Are 24 Hours In A Day, But The Lion Can Sleep For 20 Hours In A Day, While The Lioness Hunt For Food. The Lioness Hunts Better Than The Lion. This Does Not Suit Well To NDI Igbo In The Principles Of The Natural State Of Life… Because NWOKE BU DI, That Is The Master-Provider, Which The Lion Is Not. The Leopard (AGU) On The Other Hand Is A Master-Provider. Not Only Can They Hunt Better Than Lions, They Also Hunt Better Species Than Lions. The Leopard Is Also Very Good At Hunting At Night. The Core Reason Why The Leopard Is Our Totem Is Because They Are Smarter Than Lions, They Make Moves In Stealth Mode, And The Aftermath Of Their Achievements Are Not About OKOMOKO N’ONWUNWE N’ANYA, Like The Lions. And This Is The True Nature Of EZIGBO ONYE IGBO. This True Nature Of IGBO Was Corrupted By The Current Mainstream IGBO Culture Right Now. It Is All About OKOMOKO N’ONWUNWE N’ANYA. And The Irony Is That Those That Practice This UGA AZI Culture Are Those That Wear The ISI-ODUM Shirts. The Lion Is Lazy, . The Rewards Of The Success Of A True AGU-IGBO Is In UGO EBE N’AJA. This Is Also The Reason Why The Eagle And The Leopard Are The Two Major Igbo Totems. ONYE IGBO Is Someone That Archives Greatness In Stealth Mode Like The Leopards. If You Have Billions, You Don’t Have To Use OKOMOKO To Belittle Those Who Don’t Have Billions. This Is What The Lion Does.. When You See A Leopard In Your Dreams, Or In The Physical Reality, This Is A Notification From The All That You Need To Practice More Furtive Manner, Which Is Stealth Mode. The Whole World Don’t Need To Know Everything About Your Personal Business. Be Cautious And Conscious. Before You See A Leopard, It Has Already Seen You… Because It Is Cautious And Conscious. And This Is Why The Leopard Is The Totem Of EZIGBO ONYE IGBO.
What is your take?  Who IS Right?

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