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Ben Murray Bruce Gives Reasons Why The IGBO Nation Wants Their Own Country

by Anita Ogona

The Igbos are the richest in Nigeria and most intelligent, but why do they want a nation of their own?

The answer is simple!

During Nigerian Civil War, Igbos produced all the weapons they used to fight the war, but Nigeria did not manufacture even a gun.

After the civil war, Nigeria still could not produce even toothpick as a country, but Igbos are still producing cars, clothes, shoes etc.

An average Igbo man believes that Nigeria is suppressing his talents, and that is why they want a separate nation where they can reach their potentials.

The day Nigeria starts to cooperate with Igbo man will be the day Nigeria will compete with the rest of the world.

—Ben Bruce Murray –I just want to make common sense continue while Nigeria truthfully needs to cooperate with the Igbo race Igbo race needs to also cooperate with themselves too.

If we are as intelligent as we always claim, common things like unity and one voice isn’t supposed to be something we haven’t achieved since the inception of our agitations.
If we are as wise as we are being portrayed, then we are supposed to be at the top of things in this country, we do not need to secede before we can be able to use the said intelligence that we are being deluded with on a daily.
When you are intelligent you can be able to control even the mightiest without their consent.

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