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Lessons To Be Learned From Comedienne Ada Jesus Death: Never Exchange The Efficacy Of Medicine To Superstition Beliefs

by Anita Ogona
Despite all the pains she has gone through, Popular Comedienne Known as “Ada Jesus” has been confirmed dead in an Abuja hospital, after battling with a kidney problem. This is coming days after well wishers celebrated her birthday some days ago.
Ada Jesus wouldn’t have died if she had started receiving medical attention early enough but instead as religious as Nigerians are her sickness was tagged “spiritual” and can only be cured in the “spirit realm” through forgiveness from some people who she’s said to have offended via her comedy skits.
Peradventure, her case became a National appeal and caught the attention of some kind hearted home based philanthropists.
Medical investigation later discovered her issue was kidney disease which as at the time of hospital admission must have done much damage on her system.
Just this afternoon, she’s reported to have passed away much to the sadness of the public.
Now, the question is, “If the needful was done early enough, would Ada Jesus had died?
Probably, NO
*Lessons:* Never exchange the efficacy of Medicine which has been saving souls of the most terrible ailments with Religious/Faith Healing/Forgiveness.
Finally, Religion would always be a problem to Nigerians until we stop believing in superstition.
Farewell ADA JESUS 🕯️May be an image of 2 people, braids and outdoors
Other Lesson to be Learnt INCLUDE:
1. Respect yourself and others.
2. Don’t talk too much especially what you can’t prove. False accusation is as deadly as Snake bite.
3. Don’t be proud because it can make one to go haywire.
4. If you offend anyone, ask for forgiveness on time for avoidance of been too late.
5. Learn from what happened to her, because someone somewhere is directly or indirectly trading the same part as I speak.
I hope you repented before your demise
Meanwhile another Social Media War is brooding here over people that had earthly quarrels With LATE ADA JESUS
MMay be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Chi Bobo lgwe Go and eat ur rise with ur evil mind very wicked somebody inert I never see now u are happy God will never forgive u for what you do to ada jesus 21m Like Reply 6 Prophett Chukwuemeka Chi Bobo lgwe For insulting me you will never live to see next year... Mark and keep today's date... Didn't forgive Ada JESUS... You will know no peace Reply 12m Like'May be an image of text

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