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Where Is Gov. Hope Uzodinma? Imo Residents Lament After Night Of Terror In The Hands Of Gunmen

by Anita Ogona

By Collins Opurozor

Last night, the people of Orji in Imo State came under armed robbery attacks, and they watched and wept helplessly as nobody came to their rescue. At mid morning of today, some POS agents at Akwakuma Junction by Mbieri Road in Owerri were attacked by armed robbers, and all they had were looted. Day after day, bank customers are ambushed in Orlu and robbed. Across the State, everyone now walks the streets with bated breath and sleeps with one eye open.

The perplexity however is that nobody can tell for sure the whereabouts of Chief Hope Uzodinma, who is supposed to be the chief security officer of the State. Nobody knows where he is. Some say he has gone to Abuja in search of safety. Others suspect that he has moved into exile. Yet, some others opine that the Omuma-born politician might have simply resigned. There is confusion everywhere.

Today in Imo, each day brings a sorrow which the next day steals away.

It smacks of insensitivity and abdication of responsibility for the helmsman of Imo State to search for cover when he is the cover the people should be searching for. Imo people need to hear from their supposed governor. They need to be reassured. They need to be shown the roadmap to peace. They need those in office to justify their salaries and allowances by discharging their duties. The first duty of government is the protection of lives and property. In the face of rampaging threats to the lives and property of Imo people, they ask with tears in their eyes: “Where is Hope Uzodinma?”

To heighten the apprehension of Imo people, Uzodinma was conspicuously absent in the Enugu meeting over the weekend which was convoked by the South East Governors’ Forum and Ohanaeze Ndigbo to seek remedy to the insecurity that has engulfed the region. Considering that Imo State is the worst hit by this insecurity dung pig in the region, the absence of Uzodinma easily connotes his disdain for the very same lives and property he ought to protect.

Leaders solve problems, and today Imo people are left to their fate by those who pretend to leadership. Let Uzodinma know that the lives of Imo people are in his hands to protect, and his refusal to protect them speaks volumes about who he is to them: an oppressor, never a leader

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