Home Entertainment Drama As Wedding Guest Left Dancing Bride To Spray Money On Bridesmaid Dangling Cleavage

Drama As Wedding Guest Left Dancing Bride To Spray Money On Bridesmaid Dangling Cleavage

by Anita Ogona
Video of how a brides maid stole her friends wedding in Nigeria Making rounds shows the moment at the dancing time people left the Bride and moved to the bridesmaid due to the upper Cleavages dangling in the eyes of all and sundry.
The bridesmaid’s breast was the cynosure of all eyes at a wedding to the extent that a guest left the bride to spray money on the bridesmaid.
A bride and her bridesmaids were seen dancing out during a traditional wedding ceremony.
One of the bridesmaid is seen wearing a dress with a low cut neckline that exposes ample cleavage.
While leading the bride out, she’s seen dancing enthusiastically, causing her breasts to jiggle and they almost spilled out of her dress.
A guest, who appears to be a VIP because of the uniformed escort following him, walks towards the dancing women, but rather than go to the bride, he goes to the busty bridesmaid and begins spraying her money.
For us at EWR The bride made a mistake If any of Your friends or asoebi dress this irresponsible to your wedding, you will have to go home you can’t join the asoebi. This girl just did this to steal her friend’s show
You can imagine. Some girls and busy body eh smh, Your friends are reflections of your personality

May be a Twitter screenshot of one or more people, people standing and text that says 's000සක JAGS @_EtniesJags Lmaoooo why you go leave the bride go dey spray money ontop bridesmaid because of brezz PhoGrid'

What nonsense…. If you wear such to my occasion, I will personally order for a lockup. Don’t come and put sand into my garri. some of them came with bad intentions either to seduce your man or steal him from you.. but thank God real man can’t be stolen. oloshos in dress form

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