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May Day Celebrations: Rivers State Workers Demands Promotions, Laments Years Of Stagnation

by Anita Ogona
As Jubilant Rivers State Workers in their various stands  Takes on the yearly Match past, Parade and Salute the state Governor Nyesom Wike at Sharks  Stadium  on The Occasion Of May day celebrations, A cross section of the workers Told Correspondent Anita Ogona That behind the veils of the Joyous Parade They are unhappy with the way civil servants have been treated in the state.
Abiye Moses said – My Own issues is that I have been on one level for the past Eight years. I mean how do you expect me to be happy? Every workers dream is to be promoted and rise to the pinnacle of his career, so When you remain in a particular Level in Civil Service for eight years, it is not a palatable situations at all.No description available.
Ataawaji Solomon Said my own issues or the issues I want his excellency to tackle is the issues of promotions,  That is the only problem i have with this administration, He also appreciated the governor for the sustenance of payment of salaries on or before 26th or 30th of every month, other welfare packages, as well as numerous development projects across the state, in spite of the state’s the scourge of the COVID-19 pandemic”.No description available.

“Comrade Peter IBIMINA Thompson said ”The plight of Nigerian workers is very glaring for everyone to see. Coronavirus pandemic did lots of havoc to the living conditions of many workers. Many lost their loved ones; some lost their means of livelihoods. Those having jobs today are just managing as some have their salary slashed or some are still working from home. My sister the problem plenty but let me stop here.No description available.

Madam Rose Briggs said the plight of the workers in the state is majorly this issue of promotions and the new minimum Wage distribution. i am aware that the Tripartite committee are still meeting but let them conclude it so that we can know are fate, because rights now some people on the same Grade Level with me are receiving different amounts as additions to the Minimum wage adjustments,  “Though some have jobs retained but they are not enjoying it, as most of them now have many mouths to feed. They are the only bread winners in their families. Level of income of average Nigerian workers has been rendered meaningless; the average worker is now having many extended families to cater for.May be an image of one or more people, people standing and outdoors

Mrs Joy Tonye Dappa “We expect the government to ensure that most jobs lost and factories shut down by the pandemic are brought back to life to enable people now roaming the streets or merely sitting at home to get tangible things to do through useful engagement in meaningful jobs. Giving room for people to earn salaries is the best solution to the current security situations facing the country.

Comrade OT Lilly -West Sin his Remarks Say Nigerian workers are the bedrock of the Society “‘We create the Wealth, but eat the crumbs out of it, We use our blood to secure security for humanity, But without the working class there is no Government, yet we are been tortured by the same people that survive from the commonwealth that we create. Our strength is in our Unity, we will continue to struggle until victory is sure

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