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Jubilant Crowd As Father Ejike Mbaka Resurface: Christians Vandalize Bishop’s Court?

by Anita Ogona

Today we witnessed and saw religious charlatans –some People that call themselves Christians have the alacrity to go and  destroy bishop’s properties in Enugu in his residence all the name of looking for our amiable priest Rev fr Anthony Ejike Mbaka.

Those guys that did that, their religious life is with a big ? Mark. it is clear that People are no longer  scared of God again, if its babalowo’s house they went to in search of someone, will they destroy anything belonging to the chief priest?
 The details of what happened with Fr Mbaka is still Unavailing the earliest report had said the learnt that Bishop Onaga invited Fr. Mbaka on Tuesday so as to dissuade him from making further remarks on his faceoff with the federal government on Wednesday when he usually holds special prayers on the adoration ground.It was suspected that Bishop Onaga could have tactically withheld Mbaka from going back on Tuesday so as to truncate the Wednesday prayer where Mbaka was expected to have further engaged the federal government on their altercation

it was alleged that he got missing two days ago after he reportedly went to see the Bishop. and Nigerians Accuse the DSS of arresting him but The spokesman of the DSS, Peter Afunaya, however, told Vanguard that the service was not in possession of Fr. Mbaka. Afunaya said: “Rev Fr Mbaka is not with the DSS. The DSS did not pick him up, please.”

No photo description available.

For Clarity sake the work of  God’s messenger is not only praying for peace, its includes preaching against injustice in governmental system. they are the mouthpiece of the poor masses. He delivered massage given to him by God according to him and you are here saying caution. If the leaders are not doing good it takes only a man of God to correct them, most of us that call ourselves true believers never believed in prophecy that’s why we’re confused till today,  you are covered with the  blood of Jesus Christ Amen.

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