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First in History! Another Esau Plays With His Birthright, Writes Dad, Relinquish His First Son Position

by Anita Ogona

New generation Esau, An Umuahia man writes dad, resigns the position of first son. According to him, he is willing to accept any other position aside from first son. Position wey Esau still dey fight for in the spiritual realm. He should face his own first son in his family. And who told him that first sons should bear responsibility of others because he is first son? Let us blame our parents for not giving us what we need. Let us blame our government for not caring for us. First son is victim as we all are but the Condition is if he dies , he is no longer in the count. But if he is alive he is the first son of the father. Not a title but reality No photo description available.

Many have described the actions as foolish  and A foolish attempt but not blaming him much,  Micheal Okpara wrote- we the first son knows how much hurdles it takes to be one, all eyes on you from left, right, front,  back and center, you will even forget about your own personal problem, How i wish my conscience could allow me to write this type of letter and take the position of our last born sharp.
Others blamed it on over dependency , Too much billing has driven the young man nuts, Some families can be too overdependent on their sons and it’s extremely an unfair thing to do.
First in History!
What prompted this letter? I don’t meddle in family affairs uninvited.
However, the family, headed by the father should get to the root of the problem (remote and immediate), settle it amicably and convince the First born to tear the depression laden letter.
A stitch in time saves nine because the current economic state can lead him into taking such decision, Many first sons needs to write this letter too to save themselves from unnecessary burden
In Nigeria places a lot of  liability on the part of a first son, When bills come they will remember you are the first son but if your papa mistakenly get small property everyone go begin open eye
Don’t mind our hypocritical culture!! They put too much sociocultural pressure on youths yet expect a lot from people they have given absolutely nothing!! Igbo culture systematically marginalize oppressing many minority groups eg women, barren woman , girls , single mothers, widows , orphan , step children unmarried people the number is countless so I don’t blame those who would lead the revolution against this unprogressive cultures!!
We need to review a lot about our backward cultures ! The young man is challenging some of our wrong culture ! He may not be entirely insane as some people have judged him ! Sometimes we use ourselves to change a situation or pass a strong massage!

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