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Miyetti Allah Says Fulani People Ready For Breakup Of Nigeria, More Than Any Other Ethnic Nationality, SE Youths Ask When Can We Start The Process?

by Anita Ogona

The National Secretary of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Alhassan Saleh, on Friday while reacting to the decision of the 17 southern governors to ban open grazing says the Fulani ethnic group is more prepared for division of Nigeria than any other ethnic nationality. Speaking to Journalist at the end of its recent press Conference, Saleh said Fulani herders are not the problem facing the country.

Amid the insecurity and tension caused by clashes between farmers and herders in some parts of Nigeria, southern governors had recently banned open cattle grazing in the entire 17 southern states of the country, after they held a meeting on Tuesday in Asaba, Delta State. May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'LAH KAUTAL H TURAL ASSOCIATION CT CHAPTER ALHASSAN SALEH, MIYETTI ALLAH NATIONAL SECRETARY'

He said, “Herders are insignificant when it comes to problem of this country, are they the ones looting the treasury? What damages are they causing to this country? Compare to the criminal activities of ‘Yahoo’ boys (Internet fraudsters), kidnappers, political looters, bandits in power, vagabonds in power like Governor (Samuel) Ortom, do you think if there is no oil money, all these things will be happening? He added that the Fulani ethnic group is ready for division of the country.

“Today we are ready, let them divide the country, let them not wait till tomorrow. We are better prepared than any ethnic nationality. So we are ready, let them divide the country, let us die, we that don’t have the oil.” “You cannot expel an ethnic group that has a population of 17 million people from an entity. So, if the agitators want to divide the country today, or this minute,

Meanwhile some youths have been reacting to the news of the proposed break up , a few reactions from Social Media are as follows:- NADISAM FELIX WROTE – Support, Support, Support. please let us start improving to disintegrate this country. Let no body add anything for what this man has said. Let the division start immediately. GOD be to GOD.

Obele Chukwuebuka wrote- Praise the Lord! Yoruba is ready for Oduduwa. Igbo is ready for Biafra.17million Fulanis including all Miyetti Allah are ready. WHO IS NOT READY TO LEAVE ? Why these threats “Be Careful”, “we’ll help divide Nigeria” & “nobody will give them power”?

Patrick Omenka – The name Nigeria expired in 2014 that is exactly 100yrs of that agreement of 1914.

MARY OGECHUKWU –Break up remain the best solution. Who is not tired of this country? Please let’s divide this country and go our separate ways, nobody’s destiny is tied to the other.

CHEFF BAS- Nothing can separate Nigeria, it’s an illusion to keep hoping on the separation of Nigeria. I pity my Igbo brothers and sisters whom instead of giving their time to hustling in order to achieve their dreams in life, they are here wasting their time listening to radio Biafra which feeds them with false information and fake hope that Biafra Will be achieved soon. I fear people that read Biafran newspapers because, they believe whatever Nnamdi kanu says is true and doesn’t even border to investigate things by them selves

ARTHUR UDOH WROTE-If I understand you clearly your tribe is now the power givers abi ?. For your information Fulani is not up to 7million people in Nigeria before they started importing them.

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