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Science Revolutions: Meet American Fitness Model Who Walks Around With His Heart In A Bag

by Anita Ogona
Andrew Jones is a fitness model from the US who walks around with his heart in a bag daily. He was detected with a rare heart disease called ” Cardiomyopathy” which weakens him to the point that he is unable to walk.
It was during a run in 2012 when Andrew suddenly felt the need to struggle for a breath and eventually suffered from a heart failure. What amplified his horror was the fact that he even started coughing up blood.
Cardiomyopathy refers to the diseases of heart muscle in which the heart muscle becomes thick, enlarged or rigid and these diseases has signs, symptoms and treatments. For a patient suffering from this disease the heart becomes less capable of pumping the blood in body and maintain normal electric rhythm which later leads to failure of heart and irregular heartbeats called arrhythmias.May be an image of one or more people, biceps, people standing and outdoors
The machine delivers compressed air into the ventricles to allow blood to be pumped through the body. Within a few weeks of the diagnosis of the disease, Andrew became so weak that he could not even stand properly. Doctors then told him that he needed to get an immediate heart transplant, failing which, he could die soon.
Unable to arrange for another heart for the transplant, doctors fitted him with an artificial one, which he now carries along with him. His artificial heart has two tubes in place of his actual heart which carries blood in his body through a machine that is associated with two batteries that he brings anyplace he goes. He charged the battery simply like how he charges his telephone’s battery regular.
Life indeed is a gift and if you have it, cherish and nurture it. Where there is life, there is hope!

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