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Staff Of A Private School Bus Male Escort Defiles 3 Years Old, Using His Fingers In Port Harcourt

by Anita Ogona

A middle aged mother of a three year old female child  has revealed that  a Staff in the private school in Port Harcourt her daughter is attending defiled her daughters inside the school environment.
She said she was bathing her daughters and noticed she was feeling pains on her private part. On interrogation she told the mother how the male staff of the school used his finger to be putting inside her front bumbum on two occasions. The Mother took her to a Government hospital which showed clearly she was defiled. The Mother of the victim went to the school and the private school proprietress threatened her that their legal team will deal Witt her decisively if she says what she is saying again.

She is from Elekahia in PH a single Mother and her three year and fourteen year old daughters are going to the private school. the school is at Eastern by pass in Ogbunabali area.

She lamented that her challenges is how to withdraw her two female children from the school because of money. I enlightened her on dangers of even leaving her female children till now in the school.
We will come into the matter with her cooperation and we make the school understand that nobody is above the law.

A Human Rights Advocate PRINCE WIRO Has appealed to mothers to always ensure they bath their children between ages (8-0) years, no matter how busy they are. said ”House help may not be able to detect if the children has been penetrated.  the defilement of her three year old female Child by a male driver of the private school bus her daughter is attending is common and mothers are to shine their eyes in this age of Sex perversions by male predators”

He noted that on the case at hand ”Am shocked that à mother is not concerned that the man May continue defiling the child while she is still in that school. She even told me the incident had happened to another child before now but it was another male staff of the school. Whom they sacked secretly” she was complaining that she does not have morning to put her children in another school.

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