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CEAN Rise Alarm In The Theft Of Catalytic Converters AKA “Indomie”- Expert Call On Resident To Patronize Only Trusted Mechanics

by Anita Ogona
Alert: There has been an astronomical rise in the theft of Catalytic Converters called “Indomie” by the automobile mechanics, electricians, welders and car dealers in Nigeria.
Always check underneath your car as these are connected to the exhaust pipe. It is highly sought after as it contains some precious metals like platinum, palladium or rhodium that are valuable to metal dealers according to a report by Citizens Engagement and Activity Network( CEAN).
Advice : Always give your car to mechanics and trusted technicians to avoid loosing your ‘indomie’.May be an image of outdoors
Meanwhile some residents has this to say:
Chelsea Chidi says ”The sound of my car changed after giving it to a panel beater at my area and I never knew anything about catalytic, until last week another mechanic told me that my exhaust catalytic has been removed, in Nigeria trust nobody, the man that stole it is an elderly man and a friend oh! Always laughing with me and collecting money”
Ifesinachi Ughenu- Even here in USA 🇺🇸, all Nigerians who are doing pull apart work ( what we call mgbuka) that’s the only thing you here them discuss. In their language ” motor afu, adikwam sure na catalyst convert still dey,That thing na di dollar o
Iwuanywu  Chibueze – A catalyst dealer at ladipo told me to bring mine, he will remove it, replace it with working one and still give me 150k. He advices me to do it ealier definitely it will be stolen so better I do it myself. I tyre for am.
Chy Nma – No be today naa. E don tey. Mercedes…carry the highest KG.. it doesn’t stop the car from moving…it can only change the sound and you go dey buy fuel every time
Some vehicles I believe come with more than one catalyst. The problem is not just from the panel beaters o! Even car dealers are in it. The car I just bought in November has more than one but I confirmed that one has been removed even before I bought the car from the car stand. Do we now enter under a vehicle to check for catalyst before buying? Agwo na eli agwo now! You don’t just remove catalyst except it has expired which could cause blockage. If it has expired you are to replace it not leaving the exhaust pot empty because it changes engine sound, more fuel consumption and worstly exposing yourself and the public to carbon monoxide

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