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Passengers Help Woman In Labour Give Birth To Her Baby Inside BRT Public Bus

by Anita Ogona

A woman delivered in a moving BRT Bus; passengers saw her through labour. Then the Ambulance was contacted and both mother and child were safely moved to Mother & Child hospital owned by Lagos State Government. Eko Oni Baje o!S

This yet-to-be-identified woman gave birth to her baby inside a public bus in Lagos on Friday, May 21.

Sharing a video of the baby and the mother, a Twitter user, @oapaynigeria, said doctors and nurses, as well as other passengers, attended to the new mum and her baby.

The personnel of the Lagos state medics later arrived the place, and took them in an ambulance to the hospital proper medical attention.

Lagos City is the African New York City. If this had happened in Europe, this child will be gifted with a lifetime free transportation with the BRT bus company. NO two words about it, he might as well get a scholarship if the parents ain’t living up to standard. Under normal country, BRT and Lagos state Government will train the child to university level. It is a special moment for them and the mother.

Look, Africa as a whole has a long way to go and my country home (Nigeria) has a longer way to go.

I am impressed to wittiness such intervention and healthcare service delivered in Nigeria. Lagos leads others follows!

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