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A Critical Look At Governor Nyesom Wike’s Famous Quotes From Saturday Defection Of Former Rivers APC State Chairmen Into PDP

by Anita Ogona
If I had the kind of money Amaechi had, I would have turned Rivers State to Dubai.
You say you no dey drink but you dey drink 14 cans of power horse a day, wetin you wan drink again, if you drink join am, you no go die.
Odili bought a propeller Jet, Amaechi sold to Liyel Imoke for six million USD, he should tell us which account the money was paid.
Amaechi took a jet bought by Odili to Germany, he thought that his boy Dakuku would win, unfailingly they lost, last two years, we recovered it in Germany”.May be an image of 1 person and standing
They were making noise because the two commissioners I sacked earlier decided to join them.
You can see the caliber of politicians we are receiving; we are receiving those who founded APC in Rivers State and those with political records.
Today we have two former state chairmen of the APC, one was the founding chairman and the other was a caretaker chairman.
Before today we already have Hon Allwell Onyesoh with us but we didn’t parade  him in public, we also have Hon Felix Nweke and Marcus Nle Egii, they’re all with us here, even if we didn’t organize a grand reception for them.
These are very known politicians in Rivers State and they returned with their supporters.
The APC in Rivers State is only favoring one person and not Rivers people.
I apologize to my followers from the various Local Government Areas for misleading them into the APC.
I am not only the founding chairman of APC in Rivers State but I remain the only Chairman that was elected. After my time it has been from one appointment to another, how can a political party be appointing its state Chairman? It means that the party has become a personal property.
Gov Wike I remember that you warned me when we wanted to start this APC but I didn’t listen, now i understand better what you were saying then.
I have 3 of my children who made 1st class overseas and they came back while I was still the state Chairman of the APC but I couldn’t secure a job for them while we were in Government in the state.
And up till today they’re still unemployed. So, what did I gain by joining the APC ?
We formed the APC in Rivers State with good intentions but unfortunately people hijacked the whole party machinery and turned it into their personal business where they sit down in their comfort zone to make decisions for us. And it got to a point where we couldn’t take it anymore.
We have to find our way back to where we started. PDP was a home to all of us until we made the wrong move into the APC, we are happy to be back here today.
I want to apologise to everyone i have offended through my actions, decisions and activities in the APC.
Where we’re coming from our leader there hasn’t been sincere to us, he has been very selfish and deceitful.
We can’t continue with him.
~ Dr Davis Ikanya ( Pioneer State Chairman of APC in Rivers State) speaking at his formal declaration for the PDP on Saturday.

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