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Anambra Bigwigs Set To Simplify Airline Transport With The Launch Of Obike Air Fleets

by Anita Ogona
Igbos took to Social media to appeal that the more opportunities should be given to indigenous air License and also make the head quarter in Anambra state not in Abuja
This Enugwu-Ukwu, Anambra state-born Ifeanyi Obike  is set to launch airline “ according to Ifeanyi Obike, with information he shared through his LinkedIn, Obike Air’s peers are British Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, and Virgin Atlantic – which is quite ambitious for a start-up airline.
The details are still limited as of now, but Obike Air is looking for investors and partners “from the private and public sectors from around the world to join this mission.”
Anambra is about to give other states high level of competition in AIRLINE operations.  We Hope Nigerian government won’t frustrate this beautiful initiative.
Trust Anambarians very soon that airport will be flooded with aircraft like okada park. Lagos to Anambra will drop to 5k. WATCHOUT. Travel through the road will drop drastically. The best thing has happened to us under Obiano and this year too. God bless Willie
We’ve had more than enough indigenous airlines in this small Nigeria. We should be focused on strengthening and increasing the fleet sizes of the ones we already have. Airpeace and United Nigeria airlines are owned by Anambra men. Mr. Ifeanyi Obike can partner with Airpeace Boss so the company can acquire more planes and have more international destinations. Take for instance, Delta Airline (US company) alone has over 730 aircraft and travel to over 129 countries.

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