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What Area Or Sector Should The Next Governor Of Anambra State Focus On? Let The Discussion Begin!!

by Anita Ogona
Anambra state has been fortunate to have good governors in this present democracy. From Dr Chinwoke Mbadinuju who built our women development Centre to Dr Chris Ngige who built the foundation for our good road network especially with his high quality road constructions. Mr Peter Obi brought unrivalled prudence into governance and centred on improving our education and health facilities. Chief Obiano brought back night life and businesses with his 24hrs Street lights and which strengthened our security greatly. He has shown the foresight to embark on legacy projects including the Anambra International Airport and the conference center.
Today we have an array of governorship aspirants in different political parties, the likes of which has never before been seen in any governorship context in Anambra or any other state in Nigeria.
What would you like the aspirants to focus on in their campaigns? and what would you like the next governor of the state to address in contributing to the growth and progress of our dear state?
May our democracy be deepened with quality ideas that we hope will encourage and engender good governance not only in Anambra state but also in every other state.
 ….By Olisa Metuh
Maxwell Uchendu Wrote:
1). Construction of roads linking towns to the remote areas is very paramount to modern Anambra state. The leadership should emphasize and strictly adhere to good quality roads using known construction companies such as Julius Berger.
2). Security is very paramount to the wealth of our state. We must jealousy guide and protect our market. Not to our own satisfaction but making anyone who steps into the state to do business to have that sense of security. In other words, I urge the incoming administration to find a better way of collecting taxes and revenue thereby scrapping completely any form of selling revenue allocation papers to the highest bidder in Awka, it has invariably created the use of thugs(agbero) in our roads by those investors who bought the revenue papers to recover their money.
3). The incoming government must decentralize our markets. Starting from Ochanja to main market must be move to an established areas. Other market unions who have completed their permanent site “must” be move by force and their old site must be demolished completely to pave way for a new environmental design. Government must be involve in the market design so as to position the state in the 21st century development. Every market should have a beautiful outlook and a conducive space which will include car parks and lorry parks for loading and offloading of goods.
4). Since Anambra state is the commercial and financial capital district of the South East and South South regions, the incoming government should help to establish at least one big market in every town of the state by ordering the relocation of one major market from Ochanja or main market to that town. Before the relocation, government must make every necessary arrangement to secure the space, oversee the design of the market to a modern standard and also help the market to secure a “mortgage loan” in order to fasten the construction. This will help the town to develop rapidly on its own, provide jobs and business opportunities for the indigenes and also it will help to grow government revenues why reducing drastically the level of youth restiveness.
5). The incoming government should take the Anambra state airport seriously and further modernize it. Possibly allow public private partnership in building modern facilities within and around the airport. Roads leading to the airport from 33 Housing and other areas should be dualize to four lanes with street lights in order to have a modern look. We want to see more modern and massive structures designs been erected in that area. Development in Umueri, Aguleri, Otuocha, Nteje and Nando shouldn’t be left in the hands of the locals indigenes, government “must be” involve. Government should take a glimpse at what Lagos state is doing in the “Atlantic city” also called the New Lagos. How Lagos state government is involve in the planning of Lekki, Ajah, ibeju, lakowe, sangotedo and rest rest of them. I urge the incoming government to establish a master plan of development for the aforementioned communities around the airport and set up a committee that would visit Lagos for a tour around the new Lagos. The government should copy from Lagos state what it’s doing.
6). The incoming government should look at the area of our Crude Oil deposit in the state. Take steps to protect the hosting communities not to allow what happened in in the oil producing communities in Niger delta repeat itself in Anambra oil producing communities. Politically, government should take a decisive steps to lobby seriously at the national assembly for a formal recognition and inclusion as part of oil producing states. The state needs that allocation to boost our revenue and take on massive projects.
7). Power supply. I personally believes that the Anambra state as an industrial hub of the South East should be able to have a state sufficient power generation project. It is very important for the state’s development to power industrialization.

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