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NBC Suspends Human Rights Radio License For 30 Days Over Recurring Unprofessional Conduct

by Anita Ogona
National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) suspends Human Rights Radio license For “ recurring unprofessional conduct”.
This may be connected to the outrage over the physical assault on a guest on the Berekete Family show, by its presenter Ahmed Isah, also known as the ordinary President.No description available.
In a statement on Thursday, the NBC said it met with the Brekete Family show host on May 26, and “has reviewed the events and notes unreserved apologies and regrets expressed by the broadcaster”.The commission said the action was in clear violation of the broadcasting code and a betrayal of confidence placed on him by the people and the federal government.

While recognizing that the radio station has tuned its programming to the yearnings of the people, it noted that the station has been repeatedly warned and fined over abuse of ethics over the years. It, therefore, ordered the suspension of the station’s license for 30 days, effective from May 31.

“It is important to state that the commission has, over the years, advised, cautioned, warned, and fined the station over repeated cases of outright abuse, denigrating remarks, intimidation, and flagrant abuse of ethics of the fairness, balance, fair hearing on the station,” the statement reads.

“It is also on record that the commission had conducted several training and retraining programmes for the station and the host of the Brekete Family programme especially.

“The commission has therefore in line with the sanction provisions in 15.5.2 of the broadcasting code, ordered the suspension of licence of the broadcaster, until the broadcaster commits to ethical and professional broadcasting. The suspension order is effective from Monday the 31st of May 2021, at 12am.

“The order shall last 30 days during which it is expected that the broadcaster will put its house in order and attune itself to responsive, professional, and responsible broadcasting. It shall also pay a recommencement fee of as provided for in section 15.5.1 of the broadcasting code at the end of the suspension period.”

Its not good to slap people but I always suspected that they want to stop this guy. That’s why they began to release all the videos. Why suspend his license when you know there are other employees under him that may be out of job. Why not request for a change of presenter
It has become so obvious that some people don’t want to see good things happening in Nigeria. The ordinary president is such a good and generous man who want to see Justice prevail for the common man. We all have our individual flows, they just want to rob the reputation of Ahmed Musa The ordinary president to the ground. I urge him to remember his reward will come from God and not from man. I so dearly love you, the the president’s to the ordinary people. Alh. Ahmed Musa. Be strong
A senator from Adamawa slapped a woman in shop rite no punishment for him, the highest was an apology through his media aid, a senator slapped a woman at the national assembly complex, no punishment, no apology. All these people are law makers. But one humble man fighting for justice, for betterment of Nigeria , the voice of the voiceless, a humanitarian, a patriot, made similar mistake and apologized openly on a radio television broadcast, went down on his knees but the same law makers that breaks the law at will want to crucify him. Evil people hate good things, You can attempt to silent ordinary Ahmed but you can’t silence his good reputations, he has written his name on a diamond of selflessness and you can’t erase that. Well meaning Nigerians are with you our ordinary president,

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