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Diobu Vigilante Apprehend 2 Man Hole Thieves Caught In The Act At Ojoto, By Azikiwe

by Anita Ogona

The State Coordinator of Diobu Vigilante security Services AMATARI Bepilede said it received a distress SMS  at about 11am Sunday Night from a good Nigerian who notified them of  the alleged act going on in Ojoto round about by AZIKIWE of Diobu how some guys numbering about five removing government irons used as man holes in covering major drainage holes and we swing into action, drove to the scene of crime and saw they have already removed the man holes and we saw them carrying them and when they saw us through our trace to them they dropped the iron holes and began to run and we gave them a hot chase and apprehended two whom we have handed over to the AZIKIWE Police DivisionNo description available. while three are at large including the buyer and the connector to the buyer. We thank the good Nigerian who gave us this tip because it will go long way to save lives and car owners who would have been victim to those holes more especially in the night that Diobu Vigilante will always protect the identity of as many that believe in us and our swift response in giving us reliable information that in our successful security summit yesterday we made mentioned of security consciousness and awareness that security is a two way concept between the state and the governed as it goes with a corresponding responsibility on the public to be security conscious and report any crime to the appropriate authority that the removal of the man holes iron fixed by the government for our good should be condemned by all and sundryNo description available.

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