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Rivers State Governor Flags Off, RSU Etche Campus

by Anita Ogona
We are going from one Local Govt Area to another showing our report card with projects commissioning and flag-off as part of activities marking our six years in office and second year in our second term. But their own report card is everyday killing in different parts of the country. Everyday different people are being killed at different locations in the country, that’s the only thing they have to show to Nigerians as their achievement in their six years in office.
Tomorrow when they come to tell you what they will do when elected into office in 2023, please ask them what they have done for you in the time past. They have been here before and they are still in power. what have they done for you Ndi Etche?
Tomorrow they will come here and put their hands in their pocket and carry their stomach up to make you empty promises. Please don’t forget to ask them questions. The one you came before, How far?”
Etche people now you have a university campus and road projects but when it’s election time you will be bringing small small result of 5,000 and 7,000 votes.
Governor Wike said he expects the electorates from Etche Local Government Area to be much more generous with votes for the PDP in the 2023 Election. He said he does not expect paltry 5000 or 7000 votes from the area as in the previous polls, after citing a campus of the Rivers State University and constructing roads in the LGA.

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