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Atiku/Soludo’s Campaign Posters Spotted In Abuja: Will PDP, APGA Alliance Work?- Soludo Campaign Team Warns Mischief Makers

by Anita Ogona

Politicians can come up with anything under the guise of politics , the question remains where in this equations lies the destines of Peter OBI in this saga, Does it mean PDP has another candidate from Anambra in mind to replace PETER OBI? or could this be another ploy to discredit Soludo who is already  in the race for Anambra Governorship race? Meanwhile Soludo’s team have come up with strong reffutal?

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Press release

Our attention has been drawn to the above subject reported by the Punch Newspapers of 6 June, 2021.

Ordinarily we would not be caught replying such rancid report emanating from political desperados who are already afraid of Prof. Cee Cee Soludo’s towering goodwill in the build up to the November 6, 2021 Anambra Governorship election. However, for clarity and the sensibility of our teeming supporters in the State and across the country, it is pertinent that we set the records straight.

  1. Soludo does not know about this and has not discussed politics with Atiku for several years. Even the Atiku camp is surprised by this.
  2. What is surprising is that Vanguard, Punch and Daily Independent can offer their platform for such hired job. Why didn’t they verify the story with Soludo’s media office before publication? The answer to this will reveal a lot about the intention of the sponsors of this blackmail.
  3. Soludo joined APGA in 2013, was disqualified then but did what is unprecedented in Nigeria’s history. He stayed in APGA despite all the lobbying by other parties to join them. He stayed and continued to work hard for the growth of the party even as a BOT member.
  4. This is the handiwork of known desperate politicians. Why now? Of course we know them.
  5. Cee Cee Soludo is not interested in contesting the 2023 presidential election, his focus is on securing the support of his Party – APGA – for the November 6, 2021 Anambra Governorship election. And he is working hard at it already.
  6. Soludo has been a card carrying member of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in the last 8 years. Despite pressures from other Political parties to run on their platform, Soludo is drawn to the ideals of APGA and has settled to live out his political convictions within the precincts of APGA’s ideology.
  7. We therefore advise that political actors should stop expending their monies on frivolities, and focus on the issues around the 2021 contest.
  8. It’s on record that Soludo has not hidden the fact that he has graciously served a grateful country that has appreciated his modest efforts with the third highest Honours of the Land – Commander of the Federal Republic (CFR). His current and future preoccupation is to provide for the Anambra people a Prosperous Homeland.
  9. We therefore urge our supporters and the reading public to disregard any poster, report or information that is not about November 6, 2021 election . Again, we reiterate, that the November 6, 2021 elections will be won strictly on issues and superior ideas, not propaganda.
  10. Meanwhile Soludo has continued his local government tours, meeting thousands of jubilant APGA faithfuls. He was in Aguata on Friday and Ihiala today, Sunday!

Joe C. Anatune
Soludo Media Office.

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