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Youth Empowerment Machine: Ezebo Elite Forum, Umudioka, & APGA Family Hails Chief Ben Amuta, As He Celebrates Birthday In Grand Style

by Anita Ogona

Happy Birthday High Chief Ben Amuta( Onowu Dioka 11) CEO Benneks Group of Company

On behalf of Ezebo Elite Forum, Ndi Umudioka, Apga Family, I convey my hearty congratulations to Chief Ben Amuta (Oil Minister) as he mark his years of existence on Earth today.

Ugochukwutubelu! is an undiluted blessing to ndi Umudioka, he make us learn how to live with our ethics and morals and his ACHIEVEMENTS far as Onowu Dioka speaks volumes of him:

Those Laudable and verifiable achievements are:

(1) Coordination :It is the act of arranging, putting things in order, or making things run smoothly together. Immediately he assumed office as Digital Prime Minister of Umudioka, he released his good arsenals to make sure Umudioka will be good shape and size.

(1) 6th & 7th January, 2020 :Umudioka Igwe’s Cabinets held her first ever Retreat at His Palace.
Some prominent men in Igbo land tagged it as EPOCH EVENT. Leadership Trapped in you. – Fr Okechukwu Uzukwu used the opportunity to educate our village leaders the ethics and etiquettes of good leadership.

(2)SECURITY :It is on the record that he is the only one in our that’s been sponsoring our security officers since 15 years ago according Mr Patrick Udeogwu (UIU CSO)

(3)Miscreants Parades :Before the emergency of Igwe Raphael Chukwurah and installation of High Chief Ben Amuta Amuta as Onowu Dioka 11, Umudioka was then Dem of Criminals, Cultism, zone of Indian hemp dealers cum smokers. Onowu Dioka 11 is the spinal cord of Igwe Raphael Chukwurah. Onowu Dioka 11 without wasting time, revamped our security system by providing them all the amenities that helped to combat all these menaces mentioned above, today Umudioka is now an entertainment town. He also INITIATED YES project. YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SCHEME.

(4)COVID-19 Pandemic : Onowu Dioka 11 lead the parade by being the first person to donated palliatives materials to UIU and his village and also called our illustrious philanthropist to come to our aid because lockdown and they were and still responding massively unlike before. He also applied the same frequency in our on going rehabilitation of dilapidated Town Hall located at Ilo MKPUKPA (Ilo Jesus)

Digital Onowu Brief Biography :

Chief Ben Amuta is also the brainpower behind Don Morris wine(Best Wine in Africa and Major Classical Red wines in the market. In the area of Cosmetic , he’s a household name At Trade Fair Lagos, It is on records that his Products remain the best in the world , most especially his FASHION FAIR TUBE CREAM AND GEL.

CHRISTIANITY LIFE: He is a devoted Christian that believe in the body and blood of Christ and also the death and resurrection of Christ, that’s what prompted him to channel his 50% of wealth in building Temples of God in umudioka and Lagos, Most especially St Anthony’s Catholic Church(Pro Cathedral)I am also aware that in the Amidst of Covid-19 Pandemic, he donated a huge amount of money to the church. and Iwene Tansi Catholic Church both in Umudioka, Holy Family Festac. Church of Visitation Amuwo. Etc

Scholarship: Oil Minister is a man that believes that investment in knowledge pays the best interest and roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Chief Ugochukwutubelu has recorded more than 60 graduates from his scholarship Scheme from primary school level to university.

POLITICS :Chief Ben Amuta is refined Politician and also Super stakeholder of our great party Apga in Dunukofia and Anambra state, he believe that action speaks louder voice, his contributions in building a better Anambra state are unmeasurable and unqualifiable, most especially In 2014 as a Vice president of Diamond Club of Nigeria, he was among the delegation that was lead by Chief Onyebuchi Jude President and their Patron Chief Chigozie Nwolisa to Gov Willie Obiano and donated Vehicle , N7m to Anambra govt. to boost security and informed His Excellency their plan to build Diamond Estate in Awka. He has Invested heavily in politics of which Gov Willie Obiano , High Sen Victor Umeh, Hon Chike Odoji SSA to the Governor on IGR, Hon Uju Anaekwe SSA to the Governor on political Matters, Hon CY Ibeabuchi SSA to the Governor on Liaison and amongst others can testify about it.

NB :He was nick- named the ‘Oil Minister’ because he was the first man in Lagos Island to start the importation of oil lubricant for cars early 90s and a certified Business Administrator(UNILAG).

Once again, I feel fortunate to see a leader like him and learn unique something from him. Many auspicious wishes on his birthday!

Happy birthday Onowu Dioka 11!

Happy Womb Escape Ugochukwutubelu!!

Happy Natal Day High Chief Ben Amuta (Oil Minister)!!!

I am,
Mbanugo Onyeka Nelson,
(John The Baptist),

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