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Lucky Thieves Saved By The Whiskers As Angry Youths Set 4 Other Armed Robbery Suspects Allegedly Terrorizing Ezioka, Unizik Awka On Fire

by Anita Ogona

The Ezioka Community Security team While conducting patrols on Sunday  night  burst two armed robbery  suspects at  Unizik Junction allegedly terrorizing the vicinity.
Upon physical confrontation with the security outfit, the local security outfits over powered the suspects. The suspects were said to be the syndicate that rob innocent people of their phones, money and other valuable within Awka.

One of the suspects who gave his name as Chinenye said that he is from Nibo Town ,and that he is a security man attached to Temp Site . And that he didn’t know that his friend, Alex was into armed robbery.No photo description available.
Alex who hails from Benue State on his part said that they robbed their victim ( Austin) at Abakaliki Street,Awka.
Austin from Benue State said that the suspects(Chinenye and Alex) robbed him of Ten Thousand Naira ,phone and ear piece under gun point.

In another development, four armed robbery suspects were confirmed to be set ablaze in Ezioka Community ,today.
Two of the suspects were burnt inside Aguoye Umudioka while the other two were set ablaze close to Afor Agballa School( Ezioka Community Sechool).
On inquiries into the identities of the burnt suspects showed that two among the suspects were natives of the Ezioka Community and the other two were from Umuogbu and Enugu State respectively.

Meanwhile, mixed reactions have trailed the respective killing and burning of the suspects within the community.
That some locals attested that the suspects were travailed from  Emman Nnaemeka down to the inner town . They said locals added that the suspects were allegedly robbing innocent people of their monies and phones, and that the suspects were armed, before they finally met their end.

” Today, we have confirmed that our ( Ezioka ) security is very active. And today also, four people were napped and set on fire . Two persons inside Aguoye Umudioka and the other two persons around Ezioka Primary School. The suspects were armed. ” That two of the burnt suspects were from Ezioka Community while the other two were from Enugu State and Agulu Awka respectively.

” One of the suspects burnt inside Aguoye had charm and gun. And the gun recovered from the suspects was burnt alongside the suspects. While the other two suspects burnt around Ezioka school also had a local gun ( cartridge) with them. The gun( cartridge) was taken by the security”, said residents of Ezioka Community.

Another natives of the Community were seen celebrating the deaths of the suspects. According to them, the suspects had allegedly been constituting nuances in the community and brandishing guns anyhow because they were allegedly affiliated to Bagger Sec( Aromates). ” Not quite long, one of the suspects burnt around Ezioka community with his gang threatened to kill one of our brothers who cautioned his brother for being a member of their gang”, said the jubilating Ezioka Youths”, said another set of the community

a prominent man within the community when contacted our correspondent on phone to lend his voice to the security situation in the community ,berated the leadership of the community.

That according to the said man who appealed that his identity should not be made public said that, the killings and burnings of the suspects as ill treatments by the Ezioka Youth. Said  They (Ezioka Youth Leadership) just set innocent youths to their early graves. ” That when the people of Amikwo burnt the suspects they arrested, they burnt the said suspects with their guns and motorcycles but here, no proofs by the Ezioka Community that those set ablaze were armed robbers”.

In a phone call with the leadership of the Ezioka community, the leadership denied knowledge of the incident. The leadership made its statement through the Community Chairman, Charles Ijeomah ( Ebube Ogwali) ” I am the chairman of the community. I am elected to chair the community. I am not a party to the committee on security matters. The security men were initiated by the community to protect them, so it is left for Ezioka Community to say whether the security men are doing the right thing or not”.

However, a source within the security who was not authorized to address the public said that the suspects were tracked upon intelligent gatherings. That the suspect were burnt by angry youths who have witnessed the atrocities of the said suspects. The security said it recovered guns from the suspects. And a locally made gun recovered from the suspects around Ezioka Primary School was adduced by the security source.

Source Chukwunenye Nweke

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