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Much Ado On Staple Food With 30k Minimum Wage: How Much Is This Rubber Of Garri, In Your Area ?

by Anita Ogona

Another significant portion of global caloric intake comes from the consumption of roots, which provide 5.3% of humanity’s energy intake. Roots, also known as tubers, often grow in climates that are difficult for other crops. Cassava, also called yuca or manioc, is the most common of the tubers. Alone, it provides 2.6% of global calorie intake. Originally from the Amazon region of South America, and Africa it has made its way across the world. Especially in Nigeria where it is process into another edible meal called Garri and taken with soups of various types.

According to WorldAtlas – Staple foods are those that constitute the majority of a particular diet, and generally supply virtually all or most of the total intake of energy and nutrients. People usually consume these staple foods daily or multiple times a day. Culture, climate, and trade are all factors that determine the popularity of a certain food. Over 50,000 plants are edible, but very few of them make any significant contribution to the human food supply. The overwhelming majority of global staple foods are grains. Corn, rice, and wheat together make up 51% of the world’s caloric intake. Below is a look at these important food staples.

We are even afraid to ask since  we heard Garri is no longer top game food as usual. and that LOILOI (Akpu) is suddenly topping the chart;

Nigerians in USA says African shops sell 15 US dollars per KG

Enugu City it is 1500 and also 1500 in Nsukka

In Lagos it is 1400 depending on the area , some market like Mile 12 sells for 1200 in same Lagos

In Port Harcourt 1400, some markets sells1300  but Sangana market sells 1200 in ph.

In Owerri 1500

Anambra 1200

Abuja I500

1200 Asaba, But Onitsha that is close to Asaba sells 1300


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