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Bobrisky Knocks Ex Bestie, Tonto Dike, Says Your Followers Don’t Know You

by Anita Ogona

You can only pretend to your followers who you are not, but deep down inside your heart, you are a d!vil who treats people like they are nothing. I won’t be sad about people’s comments saying, you are a bad friend, naaa, I am sure if they know your real self they will all unfollow your arse. Keep pretending to be goo, keep deceiving people, I know na your followers go still castigate you when they finally know who you are. But BobRisky made the statement with reference to no one. Why are these bloggers pining it down on Tonto? May we never have friends that would tell the world about my torn pants when the going gets tough/bad…

This life sef! It’s funny the way a friends turn totally against their friends to become a dangerous enemy just bcos of misunderstanding.
Tonto that is to tell you that you were never his friend, he only used you to get fame for himself and now he has followers who never looked at him twice b4 you picked him from where he was struggling to be noticed.
An ex bestie talking trash about his one time love bestie
just love and take care of yourself because no one really loves you
had it been that the two of them were still friends will bob come to social media to talk trash about tonto….life shaaa,,,just take good care of yourself, trust no one and be happy

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